Crazy Days of Summer

I can't believe that summer is coming to a close, and I also can't believe how long it has been since my last post. I promise you I am still here! I am just buried beneath work, travel, out of town guests and trying to take in every drop of the New England summer that I can. I am also preparing for the busiest travel season I have ever had, heading to 16 cities over 3 different countries in the next 3 months PLUS we are packing up our home and moving which I have to complete in the next 5 days. It's absolute insanity...but I have to admit I am loving every minute of it.

In some sick way I thrive on lack of sleep, days without enough time and racing from one thing to another. It sure does make you feel alive (that and the 3 cups of coffee a day).

That said, I hope you can forgive me for my lack of posts, I promise to be back on schedule soon and can't wait to share with you our travels this summer, favorite looks and things that I am dying to splurge on. 

Here are a few recent snaps to hold you over for now of what's been going on in my little corner of the world...

Sunset over Casco Bay at our home in Portland, ME. 

A quick trip to NYC for business & a little pleasure.

Morning walks in the city with Monkey.

Coastal adventures with a trip to the Cape, Sailing Casco Bay with family & a sunny day out on the water with the husband.

Exploring our own backyard with visitors at Peaks Island.

And last but not least, one of my favorites, an idyllic 4 days at our family lake house with no phone, no internet and complete relaxation. 


I hope you are enjoying your summer - look forward to chatting with you all soon. Stay posted for regular posts starting next week and to follow along with me to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Seattle, California and Las Vegas over the next 3 months!


xo - margaret


Summer evenings are perfect for bites & cocktails. So we decided to wrap our Friday a bit early and head out for a Mexican themed date night filled with fresh baked chips, sangria and street tacos.

It was the perfect excuse to wear this maxi I picked up at the Gap a few weeks ago.

I hope your weekend was filled with good times, cheers to Monday going by quickly!

xo - margaret

Casual Friday

I love Fridays, it signifies that the weekend is almost here and means that for a few days I can take it easy and step away from the work week craziness! It's also a great day to opt for a casual look and the perfect excuse to try something new. 

I had seen a video floating around on Facebook on how to make a scarf into a I thought I would try it out.

I must say it definitely was easy, and I loved how it dressed up my jean shorts & tank. I don't see myself wearing this type of look often for work BUT I am totally going to rock this at the beach this weekend. It's light, long & flowy which is perfect for a beach coverup (expect to see that on Instagram this weekend)

While I was in the mood to try something new, I also mixed in my new C.Wonder sneaks (sadly sold out), which I adore.

Want to make your own? Easy! Take any scarf or wrap you have lying around the house, fold it in half and then fold it again (long ways). Then take the outside corners and tie them into a small knot, pull the scarf open and you will see two holes for your arms, slide it on and adjust.

Voila! Light vest for summer...also perfect for beach days as a swimsuit cover up.

Speaking of beach days...that's pretty much our agenda all weekend!

Happy Friday.


xo - margaret