Winter Layers

January 8, 2018

Winter has been playing a very cruel, cruel joke on us this past week...with temperatures in the upper 40's and even lower 50's down in Boston it's got me thinking Spring is just around the corner. 

Anthropologie Hat | Gap Scarf | Chambray | OOTD

But if there is one thing that living in New England has taught me, it's that this early in the season... winter is certainly not over yet. In fact, last year a similar thing happened after Christmas, in that it got super warm (upper 50's even) and then plummeted back into the 20's dumping a few feet of snow on us. So, winter, I have your digits...I know what you are up to, and although I am going to enjoy not having to wear a coat, I am not putting my coats away too early again this year!

Anthropologie Hat | Gap Scarf | Chambray | LL Bean Boots

LL Bean Boots | Gap Scarf | Chambray | 5th & Magnolia

And I most definitely will be daydreaming of spring over these next few days of warmer weather - before that cold snap hits again and I am back to being all bundled up.

Anthropologie Hat | Gap Scarf | Chambray

Gap Chambray, Gap Maroon Crop Pants and Plaid Scarf

Cheers to no winter coats for the next few days!

xo - margaret

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