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Winner Winner....

January 10, 2017

The next thing in that title would be chicken dinner...but in the case of NYE it was an Oyster dinner which is so much yummier (as I am typing yummier I am questioning if it's even a word...?) I digress...

Back to the original point which is this dress from Halston Heritage which ended up being the winner for NYE. This dress was beyond comfortable and although it's difficult to see in the images, the bronze color was so rich and had this wonderful metallic like texture to it. 110% outside of my normal realm and color wheel - but since it was the end of the year I figured why not take the risk and try something new. Definitely glad I did - because this number received probably the most compliments on any dress I have worn this year. 

I ended up adding the leather belt you see here because the dress was a little big - I have a super upper body area, so dresses often fall off or slip down so the belt helped keep everything in place so that I could dance the night away.

Warming up for the evening with a little hip swing action.

Looking back on 2016 there are so many wonderful memories - I am currently in progress of a 2016 Instagram recap post with some of my favorites that I can't wait to share with you all. But I must say I am most ready to kick 2017 off and excited for what's ahead.

xo - margaret



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