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Vinegar Hill

September 27, 2017

Thanks to my mom my love for the performing arts started pretty young. From what she tells me she wanted to expose me to as much as possible from art to culture and travel, because when she was growing up my grandparents (French immigrants with 6 kids) were unfortunately unable to do so for her. This left her wanting to explore so many things, and as a single mom, So she took me to the symphony, concerts in the park, the orchestra, ballet performances, Disney on Ice, the icecapades... you name it we saw it. I absolutely loved those experiences with my mom - and am so thankful she shared them with me. 

One of my personal favorites was going to see the Nutcraker in Boston at the Wang Center - which as I typed that literally gave me the chills. This was my favorite not just for the ballet performance but for the actual building itself. The Wang Center was absolutely breathtaking - I could have spent hours just watching the ceiling and taking in all of the intricate details on the walls and in the decor. In fact, that is probably what created  my love for overall experiences, so not just the actual show itself but enjoying where the show was. 

In my adult life I love to attend events, concerts and shows...and love to attend them even more if they are in unique places - because it then becomes an overall experience and something that you can turn into either an afternoon into the evening adventure or even an overnight trip to fully take it all in. 

Needless to say when I first heard of Vinegar Hill Music Theatre I was instantly intrigued; music, events, outdoor cocktail area, food trucks and a stunning barn location? Count me in! 

But with life and travel and out of town guests and work...the list goes on we just kept missing opportunities to attend. That is until a few weeks ago when on a random Thursday night we were free, there were some last minute tickets and the show was something we had actually been wanting to see. It was meant to be - and from some of these images I am sure you can see why I instantly fell in love with the entire venue. 

Vinegar Hill Music Theatre, Kennebunkport Maine

The main part of the venue is this beautiful barn (where the shows happen) which features outdoor finishings that look like they cam straight out of Restoration Hardware catalog and a perfectly rustic chic design aesthetic on the inside. If you know me, I am not really a 'barn' person - but this one I could definitely get used to. Imagine NYC meets Maine.

Vinegar Hill Music Theatre Barn, Kennebunkport Maine

Just outside of the barn though was my favorite part - which is the garden bar and lounge area. Fully equipped with the perfect amount of background music, cozy seating and two bar set ups it makes arriving early for an event fashionable. I could have sat under those lights and relaxed all night (if they had food...which I might add is the only thing I found to be missing).

Vinegar Hill Music Theatre Garden Cocktail Area, Kennebunkport Maine

As for attire - like many Maine venues it varied. You had people in jeans and t-shirts and then you had people dressed up for a night out. I of course would sugget the latter. I personally opted for a maxi (big surprise) paired with a white blazer and given the outdoor grass patio and uneven wood floors inside I would also caution wearing heels. Unless of course you are one of those freakish people who can walk in heels on any surface and look flawless - which I certainly am not.

Waverly Grey Striped Maxi Dress | 5th & Magnolia

Waverly Grey Striped Maxi Dress Styled for Vinegar Hill Concert, Kennebunkport Maine | 5th & Magnolia

Waverly Grey Striped Maxi Dress from Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

Vinegar Hill Garden Patio

Striped Maxi Dress styled for Vinegar Hill Concert | 5th & Magnolia

Vinegar Hill Summer Style | 5th & Magnolia

Once inside you are immediately greeted with old wood beams, soft lighting and an truly unique stage. Honestly - I haven't ever seen anything like it. Even the husband was impressed. 

Vinegar Hill Music Theatre Stage, Kennebunkport Maine

Also inside are two bar areas, which I might add all have champs & tequila... which impressed us both:)

Waverly Striped Maxi Dress styled for Vinegar Hill Concert | 5th & Magnolia

Definitely a date night for the books and I cannot wait to go back next week for a The Pink Tie Party which is a charity event that is being hosted at the venue to raise money for breast cancer. Interested in attending? There are still some tickets left! You can learn more here & I hope to see you there!


xo - margaret




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