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V-Day Gift Guide for Him

February 3, 2016
I must admit...I don't really like Valentine's Day. To me, it's this overrated Hallmark holiday of dissappointment and expectations. Sort of like New Year's Eve - all this build up for one night that likely will not turn out as you had pictured it. When I was single and dating it was especially awful, do you get someone a gift, do you not, what single girlfriends are there to go to dinner with and then there are the feelings of wishing you had someone etc. etc.
Thank goodness those thoughts & worries are out the window for me, and have been for quite some time thanks to the handsome husband.
All this said, oddly enough, it doesn't mean I don't like buying gifts for others on said holidays:)
I know, I know...I'm weird. I don't like to celebrate many of these holidays (or birthdays for that matter) for myself BUT I love celebrating it for others & surprising them with fun gifts. Call me crazy.
So, if you are like me and like the act of giving, here are some gift ideas for him:
Valentine's Gift Guide for Him
What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Any plans?
xo - margaret


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