January 17, 2018

And just like that winter is back and the snow flurries are flying - which you'd think I would get tired of, but I just don't. 

In fact, I love each and every time it snows, it's so pretty. I mean, in my opinion if it's going to be cold it might as well snow - which I know is not how the majority feels - but if you are going to live in the Northeast you might as well embrace the winter. It's so much more enjoyable if you just appreciate and love it.

Speaking of embracing it...lets talk about this skirt. At first I was a little hesitant about it, when I ordered it online the layers looked much differently than how they appeared when I pulled it out of the box, soon as I put it on I was enamoured. 

It flows so effortlessly and is incrediby light and flattering for the amount of fabric - it's hard to see, but the silver on the sides are actaully additional pieces of fabric that are detached from the black - making it look like they are just floating beside you as you walk. I received so many compliments on this piece that I ended up wearing it a few times in a row and would just change up a few of the pieces to go along with it in order to dress it up and down. 

DELFI Collective Eliza Skirt from Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

For dinner out with the husband I paired it with this adorable crop sweater and black booties, and then for brunch dressed it down with a neutral chunky knit sweater & tan suede boots and some colored tights. Such an easy change (especially since we were traveling and packed light) but a completely different look. 

Express Crop Top | 5th & Magnolia

DELFI Collective Eliza Skirt | 5th & Magnolia

p.s. - how cute is the back of this top?! Love the deep front and back neckline - and it's reversible...genius!

Express Crop Tie Top and DELFI Collective Skirt

Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

Rent the Runway DELFI Collective Eliza Skirt | 5th & Magnolia

DELFI Collective Eliza Skirt for Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

DELFI Collective Eliza Skirt | OOTD | 5th & Magnolia

Happy winter still kids.

xo - margaret


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