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May 10, 2018

One little known fact about me is that while I love being in the city or on the beach I also love spending time in the mountains. Now, let me be clear that by mountains I do not mean camping or roughing it...I simply mean, being in a place where I can see them and enjoy them. 

Preferably from a nice running trail, sun filled patio or my personal favorite...from a ride in a Jeep with the top down.

Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | 5th and Magnolia

In fact...another not well known piece of info is that my very first car was a Jeep Wrangler. 

Since the age of about 8, when my dad got his first Wrangler, it was the only car I wanted. And it was a specific had to be white with a brown soft top and brown cloth interior. And after years of working at local pizza joints and sandwich shops through high school I finally saved enough to get one and it was like a dream come true. That car was like my first child and I honestly wish I would have never traded it in.

So, when I come home to visit my parents one of my favorite things to do is to take my dad's Jeep for a spin. Now, his isn't "perfect" like mine was, but I will tolerate the black soft top and black interior seats for the feeling of top down, music blaring windblown hair and sunkissed skin.

5th and Magnolia | White Cosette Romper | TOBI | OOTD

Speaking of sunkissed skin...can we talk about how cute this romper from Tobi is?

Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | 5th and Magnolia | OOTD

With temperatures in the 80's here in Colorado I could not have packed a better piece for an afternoon spent wandering around the downtown area here, shopping, sipping patio cocktails.

Plus, paired with a long sleeve wrap this romper it transitioned perfectly for a sunset Jeep ride and backyard BBQ dinner.

5th and Magnolia | Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI

5th and Magnolia | TOBI Cosette White Multi Romper

5th and Magnolia | Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | OOTD

Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | OOTD | 5th and Magnolia Blog

What was your first car? Do you miss it like I do?

xo - margaret


Romper: Tobi | Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Express (sold out but similar here)

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