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Summer Stripes

August 28, 2017
cape cod

The past few days it's been feeling more and more like fall with morning and evening temperatures dipping into the 60's and even down to 58 last night. It's been a bit of a shock - because I really thought we had more time...I mean, how does it always go by so fast?!

You would think by now I would have that answer, or at least learn to be ready for it, because I say it every.single.summer. Yet here we are again and my 'summer must do' list still hasn't been completed which has now got me thinking two things. 

The first is that I have many more summer outfits I need to squeeze in here so September better be a warm one and the second is that we've got to kick it into high gear before Fall is really upon us which means our calendar is about to get packed. 

BB Dakota Jillian Striped Wide Leg Pant | 5th & Magnolia

First up is a few evening rooftop events this week and in the very near horizon Labor Day weekend with a trip down to the Cape to spend some time with family.  

BB Dakota Jillian Wide Leg Pant | 5th & Magnolia

We also spent the 4th of July there with them, which is where these snaps are from, and I can't wait for more sunshine & rose filled days with yummy food and great company. And if there is one thing I love more about New England than spending time with my family - it's exploring it with the husband and all it's charm.

I mean could the houses down on the Cape with their seashell driveways and perfect landscaping get any better?! Talk about homeowner goals/envy.

BB Dakota Wide Leg Pant | 5th & Magnolia

BB Dakota Navy and White Jillian Wide Leg Pant | 5th & Magnolia

BB Dakota Wide Leg Pant | 5th & Magnolia

In fact...looking back on these snaps I am thinking these wide leg striped pants are definitely going to make my packing list; paired with a demin jacket they will transition quite nicely into the cool ocean breeze filled evenings. Can it be the weekend now please?!

BB Dakota Jillian Wide Leg Summer Pant | 5th & Magnolia

What are your plans to savor the last bit of summer? 

xo - margaret

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