Summer Pop

August 20, 2018

Mondays are always a tough one for me - as much as I love a busy work day and getting things done the weekends are such a cherished time and seem to go by entirely too fast. Especially in the summer when the days are jam packed with so many things to do and people we want to spend time with.

This past week we were in Boston for a few days while the husband had some work meetings, so I was working from our hotel room during the day and we were able to enjoy evenings out in the city - which was awesome. Boston is one of my personal favorites, and being so close to us, is a place we visit often so our list of "favorites" is long and being so familar it feels sort of like a second home. 

Then Saturday we got moving super early and drove north to my family's lake house in Northern Maine on Sebec Lake for a few days of lakeside sunshine, swimming, BBQs and (for the most part) disconnected from the crazy day-to-day family time. Cell phone service is limited, if any, up here so it's a wifi only zone and even that's fairly slow. 

Today is our last day so I am going to keep this short so I can squeeze out the day to it's last drop - but I just had to share this dress with you guys. 

It's one that I have had my eye on for months and they finally got my size in stock - the back of the dress is to die for and the pattern is absolutely perfect for summer. I also love that you could pair it with a linen blazer or light wrap sweater for work and easily move it right into happy hour cocktails or dinner. 

And what better way to start a Monday than with an outfit that can easily transition to happy hour I right?!

Cheers to enjoying every last drop of summer...and a crisp happy hour drink on a patio to celebrate making it through another Monday.


xo - margaret

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