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Summer Bliss

June 14, 2018

This past week has been a complete whirlwind - with me leaving my full time job combined with back to back weekend trips to the New Kennebunkport Festival last weekend and Charleston, SC (literally in route as I type) this weekend, to new blog partnerships and photoshoots (that I can't wait to share with you), not to mention teaching 4-5 spin classes per week - I can barely keep it all straight. 

And as I look at my calendar I honestly don't see an end in sight; we've got house guests arriving at the end of the month for 2 weeks, the 4th of July, the husbands birthday, my birthday, a trip up to our family lake house and at least one weekend getaway each month through the end of the year. 

It's slightly overwhelming, but mostly just exciting. And I have to say having the opportunity to do these things, and experience these places hasn't come without a whole lot of hard work from both the husband and I. But it's paying off and I truly feel that sometimes you have to close one door for other doors to open.

In my particular case these past few weeks so many new doors have opened - it's just a matter of choosing which one (or ones) are right for me to enter. 

I will say though - one door I won't make the same mistake as I did last summer in opening is the one where I work too much and miss important life moments - like summers in Maine which as we all know are entirely too short!

So this year, in between all the craziness listed above, you will find me on the beach, a long run or on our backyard patio soaking up as much sunshine (and champagne) as possible with my boys...and actually taking a moment, or two, to linger. 

Which is exactly what we did last weekend in Kennebunkport at their food and wine festival enjoying wine tastings, shopping and an amazing private sit down dinner at an ocean front barn. That combined with an afternoon boat ride with friends and a wonderful backyard party at new friend's beautiful home and it was utter perfection.

I promise to recap the entire festival and our second stay at the Yachtsman Hotel next week when we get back from Charleston.

Until then - enjoy your Thursday and weekend. 

If you'd like to see what we're up to in Charleston make sure to follow along on Insta.


xo - margaret

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