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Summer Aztec

June 30, 2016

I have to admit...I am pretty lucky when it comes to work life balance. Working for myself for many years and in and out of full time remote positions I have had the luxury of working at home and setting my own schedule. This means I get to workout when I want, run errands when I need to, cut out early on nice days and best of all...dress up or down to my mood. 

Most days I am pretty casual, living in Lululemon and flowy dresses - but every few weeks I have client meetings where I get to pull out my ol' business attire and it's a nice treat. I love the crisp lines of blazers and sheath dresses, especially in the summer when the material is linen or cotton and the colors are bright.

And on a really good day, like this one, client meetings turn into evening shopping & cocktails with the husband. 

Happy almost Friday!

xo - margaret


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