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Spring Cleaning

April 10, 2016
I may have bit the bullet a little early, considering it's currently 35 degrees outside, but I spent most of the weekend checking tasks off my spring cleaning list and rotating my winter pieces out & spring/summer pieces in while also organizing my closet. All of which I love.
I am one of those sickly organized people who literally cannot close their closet doors if something is out of place, a blessing and a curse I tell you. I organize by color, print, sleeve length and type for my hanging pieces and for folded items am a bit more laid back and just organize by type. It helps me get dressed quickly and to also scan my closet for pieces I have and what I feel I need (relative term I know). Most importantly it makes me feel at ease which is worth it's weight in gold. 
That said, it got me thinking about what I am feeling for spring, and here are some of my must have looks for casual, nights out and work.
Spring Lookbook
Happy Spring!

xo - Margaret




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