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Snow Surprise

March 12, 2018

Talk about coming in like a lion March - man oh man. Last week was quite a doozy!

I had been hearing about the incoming storm, but honestly didn't think much of it, I mean...come on people we live in Maine! But this one was no freakin' joke and before I knew it all the stations were predicting anywhere from 12-18 inches of snow and 40-60mph winds. 

Lucky for us though, we got to ride out the storm at the beautiful Cliff House Hotel and although we were snowed in with limited to no power for a good amount of our stay we could not have had a more amazing time because...

we were actually contracted by them to work with a videographer on site to shoot some of their winter 2019 marketing collateral. 

(insert me still pinching myself here...)

(and here...)

(and still here...)

And while for some of the bigger bloggers or media mavens out there, getting booked by a national hotel chain ain't no thang.

But for me my friends, it's a big deal.

As in a big AF deal, and I promise to share all the deails with you later this week!


But, back to the snow (of which btw is coming our way again this week) and some snaps we got the morning after the storm.

It was a perfect excuse to break out this pink matching mittie & hat set that I hadn't had a chance to wear much yet this winter (a sign I have too many mitties & hats) and to continue breaking in my Bean Boots, which for the record, I adore.

There is just something about fresh white snow (and not having to shovel it the morning after) that always looks so magical to me. Even at the peak of winter, when all I can think about are maxi dresses and sipping rose on the patio, a fresh blanket of snow will always remind me of why I actually love the winter season. 

I mean, it's essentially like freshly frosting the entire landscape in white sparkles...does it get much better?!

How are you feeling about winter...

Ready for it to be over? Or are your fingers crossed for a few more good storms?


xo - margaret

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