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August 28, 2018

Dear Summer in Maine,

You are a tricky gal - I simply can't seem to figure you out. At first I thought we were friends, and then you got super heated (June & upper 90's??) with me quite unexpectedly and then you were super emotional (most rain in July ever), then you disappeared (like, as in last week with fall feels) and now you are back (with 90 and humid). These are mixed messages and are making our friendship very difficult.

A little bit of consistency (as in 80 & sunny during the day and 68 at night) would be appreciated.




In all seriousness though, the weather this summer has been so weird. I am not complaining perse - just making an observation and stating the fact that I like a bit more consistency. I mean, a girl likes to plan ahead you know?!

Even with travel this summer the weather has been wonky - like when we were down in Charleston they were having some of the most hot & humid weather with crazy crazy rains...way more than normal. 

I suppose we are bringing the nutty weather with us as we go?

What I will consistenly take though are summer evenings on a patio with a glass of champagne in hand, preferably at the Zero George where the cheese plates are plentiful and the patio breeze is like heaven. 

If this could be our porch at home, I honestly might not ever leave. Espeically if refills were delivered like they are here. 

Happy step closer to that holiday weekend kids. 

xo - margaret

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