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May 22, 2018

Give me a rooftop, some sunshine and a cocktail and that will just about turn any day right side up. 

In fact, as I am sitting here in my office on this gloomy Tuesday I am pretending that I am back in Hollywood at the Hotel Everly and not staring a long list of things to complete by the end of the day.

I know, I know...first world problems.

But seriously, does it get much better than this?!

As one of the newest Kimpton Hotel members, the Everly hosted us for a one night stay as part of their Inner Circle program and I absolutely fell in love. 

As expected the property is stunning (full post about that to come later this week), has a great location overlooking the Hollywood Hills (in could see the Hollywood sign from our room) and my personal favorite - the rooftop pool and bar. 

I could have easily sat up there all afternoon & evening long - which thankfully I iddn't because I would have never made it to spin class the next day ;)

And given that it was SoCal, the weather was of course perfect with sunshine & 80 degree temperatures well into the early evening, making it the perfect opportunity to wear this hot pink romper I've had stashed just waiting for a chance to wear. 

Which, I might add, coincidentally matched perfectly to my nice cold glass of Rose.

And you know what sipping Rose means?


Yes, I am declaring it early, and I don't care.

Cheers to warm, sunny 80 degree days ahead and plenty of Rose to fill your glass.


xo - margaret

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