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Red Crush

July 24, 2017

I rarely meet a jumpsuit that I don't like, and when I find a good one I tend to revisit it...so when I saw this Jay Godfrey jumpsuit which I have worn in black before (which you can check out here) also came in red I jumped on it. 

I swear to you, this jumpsuit is likely the most comfortable and flattering pieces that I have ever worn. It's literally like rolling around in cozy pjs. It's also incredibly versatile as it's easy to dress up with some accessories and heels and can also be dressed down with a denim jacket and cute flats. 

Kennebunkport Summer Fashion, Red Ruffle Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia

Jay Godfrey Red Retro Ruffle Jumpsuit

I wore this for an event at Chicks Marina in Kennebunkport during their Food and Wine Festival (yes....this goes to show how damn behind I am on posting since the KPT festival was in June...but it's still summer so you can totally still wear this) and decided to pair it with a nautical striped clutch, simple gold accessories (necklace & cuff) and flats for ease of walking round on the docks and boats. 

Kendra Scott Drop Necklace | 5th & Magnolia

Jay Godfrey Red Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia

Kennebunkport Fashion | Jay Godfrey Red Ruffle Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia

Jay Godfrey Red Ruffle Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia

If I could live in this jumpsuit I would and I can't wait to give it another spin during the holiday season.

xo - margaret


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