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Off to the Races

July 6, 2016
Having lived in southern CA for many years there is a long list of things that I miss...and this time of year one thing at the top of my miss list is Opening Day at Del Mar. Although I am not a huge supporter of horse racing (or at all really) I do love the fashion, food, festive cocktails and head pieces that come out in full effect. 
I recently had a girlfriend ask what to wear for this year's opening day, so I thought what better chance to pull together some of my favorite looks and tips.
First and foremost...have fun with it! Think less about what you should wear and think more about what you are comfortable in. Chances are it's going to be hot - so I suggest sticking with cottons, linen and flowing layers. 
A dress is always my go to look, but you can also mix in a romper, culotte or crisp pant as long as you keep the top feminine or structured. 
For shoes, I cannot stress enough not to wear heels. You are going ot be in the grass, gravel and possibly dirt so wearing your 4" heels is just not a good idea - stick with lace up flats, sandals or wedges. Trust me, your feet will thank me later. 
Go minimal with your jewelry - again, it's hot and more importantly you don't want to take away from your statement accessory which should be your headpiece. I say headpiece because, in my opinion, that doesn't have to be a hat. Traditionally, yes, hats are the bells of the ball - but - I also like the idea of mixing in a birdcage veil or floral crown instead. Or - bring both and change it out half way thru - I mean lets be real can never have too many options!
Horse Race Opening Day Attire


xo - margaret



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