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Perfect Catch

October 10, 2016

The Fall in Maine is such a spectacular time of year. The weather is crisp, the afternoon sun is extra warm and my city has finally quieted down after an ever-long tourist season. Not that I can blame people for coming to Maine in the summer, but I certainly hope they don't catch on that Fall is equally special. 

I must say that since the temperatures started dropping I immediately pulled out, and possibly shopped for, all my boots and have been wearing them non-stop. Especially my over-the-knee boots which pair so perfectly with dresses and keep me just warm enough in the evenings. I am sure that as we enter into the winter that I will tire of boots, but for now, I am loving every inch of them.

Something else I am obsessed with? My birthday gift from the husband and my mom which is this gold 'Perfect Catch Cuff' from Watts in Maine. It literally goes with everything and is so unique. Definitely one of my most coveted gifts.


Happy Monday!

xo - margaret


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