overnight tote + leather + saks off fifth + lace up flats


June 21, 2016

Although traveling is mostly about the destination, how you get there and what you arrive with is equally as important and by arrive with I mean luggage. When I fly I try to go as light as possible, rolling and squeezing as much into a carry on as a possibly can. I'm not saying I always succeed in this concept, but it's at least my goal, and to be honest one that I am at least getting better at achieving. 

For road trips though, all rules are out the door and I pack until my little heart's content, or as my husband calls it...overpacking. Which translates to our entire Landrover being filled and enough outfits for a month even if we are only staying a weekend. So, don't let this small yet functional soft leather overnight bag fool you. I had two other suitcases and a few garment bags for a two night stay. Some may call this a problem, I call it being prepared. 

I mean really, what's the downside to having multiple options? 


Happy summer travels...and here's to options.

xo - margaret


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