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Orchard Chic

November 6, 2017

It's Fall in New England which means we must visit an apple orchard, pick apples and take tons of 'orchardy' photos and post them on social media. I mean otherwise how would anyone know that it was Fall and that we lived in New England?

So really, this post is a must, and quite honestly I'm a bit late so I'm actually a bit disappointed in myself, I mean everyone else already posted their orchard and farm photos.


In all seriousness though - I really do love apple orchards; they get us out of the city, they are the perfect place to tire out the dog, they typically lead to an apple pie being made aaaannnd most importantly they almost always come with fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts. I mean, does it really get any better?

With Fall in full swing it also means I can shift my wardrobe from living in maxi dresses to living in vests, boots, hats and denim - which basically makes up my fall and winter wardrobe. Only difference is that as we move into winter my vests switch over to predominently fur and my jeans no longer have holes in them (plus I'm also bundled in about 800 other layers including mittens, scarves and maybe some hand warmers).

Along with the orchardy shots, we also had to get some action know just casually tossing an apple up into the air & smiling, doesn't everyone do that?

Cheers to Fall and Apple Pie.

xo - margaret





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