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Old Hollywood

February 9, 2018


Sometimes you just have to take it back to the old school...of black & white that is.

Especially when it's so darn cold outside that you have to do your photoshoot inside where lighting is not quite as optimal. Talk about some first world living in New England problems.

In all seriousness though, shooting for the blog in the winter is, and has always been, a challenge. With so little daylight, and such packed days it's hard to get dressed and out the door before 4pm to be on location and shooting.

In fact, most weeks is darn near impossible. 


Which is why you will see that the posts drop off in the winter (I know..excuses, excuses...)


And while the good little blogger in me says, "it's the perfect time to do actual content posts about restaurants, things to do in Maine and travel" my realistic side says "ain't nobody got time for that..."


And if you follow the blog often you know who wins that battle. 

That being said, the past few weeks the good little blogger side of me is winning, I mean two posts in one week is pretty epic considering I haven't been that consistent since September.

Speaking of this post, lets talk about the romper, which I immediately fell in love with as soon as it arrived. To be honest I was a bit hesitant when I ordered it, because with low cut necklines you just never know how they are going to fit, especially if you are small chested like me.

I can't tell you how many times things arrive and the chest area is like a cape fluttering in the wind, offering no coverage and definitely not fitting without some sort of padded bra. And I knew, based on the fit of this romper that the cut was not going to allow for any padding thankfully it ended up working out and it was pefect for the black tie Gala we were attending.

I also loved the cold shoulder sleeves and open back, which were just the right amount of skin considering 1. how cold it was outside and 2. how gosh awful pale my skin is right now.

What are your go to looks for more formal events in the winter? 

xo - margaret

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