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July 25, 2018

So if you have been following my blog, or insta, for any bit of time you will notice that I rarely wear pants and that if I do they are either skinnies or my all time favorite boyfriend jeans. Sometimes I will throw on a pair of shorts, but for the most part I stick with dresses & skirts.


Because I have super long legs and finding pants that are the right length for me is a nightmare. Most often they are too short, and this goes for full length pants looking more like crops, to skinny jeans never reaching my ankles and capris hitting more around the knee level than my calves. First world problem, I know, BUT it does not make it less annoying. 

However, as of late, I have been obsessed with high waisted cropped pants. Ideally with a side slit or wide leg. And by obsessed I mean scouring stores and the internet for just the right pair - which for my ladies out know is like finding a unicorn when you are looking for something uber specific. 

Motifs Portland Maine - Boutique - 5th and Magnolia - OOTD, Portland Maine

In comes my friends over at Motif's to save the day with these adorable cropped pants, with a side slit, in a vibrant print. I mean, can we say the perfect vacation and travel pants?!

Yes we can!

Because they are. 

And I love them.


Motifs Portland Maine - Boutique - 5th and Magnolia - Portland Lobster Co

Old Port, Portland Maine - OOTD - 5th and Magnolia

Seriously though, by far some of the most comfortable pants I have worn all summer and they work well for both day and night - picture them with a cute cropped top and wrap for a dinner out...perfection!

Motifs | Portland Maine Womens Clothing | 5th and Magnolia | OOTD

And speaking of wraps, how fun is this baby blue fringe hem wrap?! Such a great piece for summer with it's versatile style allowing you to wear it off the shoulder to one side, off both shoulders or around you as a shawl. 

I have used this piece on both of our recent trips because it's perfect for flying as it also doubles up as a cozy blanket for early morning flight naps. 

Motifs Boutique Fashion Shoot - 5th and Magnolia

How about you...anything you are drooling over? I'd love to hear what trends you are eyeballing.

And speaking of shopping - I have got some on my to do list for this week as we are headed out of town this Friday to Charleston and the last time we were there I felt completely unprepared for the extreme heat. So I am on the lookout for loose, light cotton & linen fabrics to pull together some fun looks. I am also on the lookout to be packed and ready to go by Thursday afternoon so that I am not doing the night before, up until 2am packing for a 5am flight as per usual.

Wish me luck.

xo - margaret


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