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NYC Fling

August 3, 2016
New York City

When we travel to NYC we always try to pack a million things into our stay; whether it's visiting with friends, trying new restaurants and bars, squeezing in a fitness class or taking in a show. What happens next is that I find myself falling into the fast paced lifestyle that so many in the city experience and am rushing everywhere barely even taking in what's going on around me. 

So, for this most recent trip last weekend I decided that would change. We went in blind with a very loose itinerary and planned to just wing the entire weekend....and it was amazing. We enjoyed fabulous meals, rooftop bars (many), long walks wandering through neighborhoods, an afternoon stroll on the Highline, a kick ass spin class and time with old friends. I could not have asked for a better time. 

Best part? After an insane June and July we finally slowed down and completely relished in the downtime. 

Cheers to a sunny August!

xo - margaret


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