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My Other Loves

July 24, 2015

Other than my usual love suspects, the hus & the fur babes, there are two other loves in my life; running & yoga/pilates. Both of which I have been in an ongoing relationship with for years. 

I couldn't imagine my life without either of them, they give me a place to recharge and are my first choice when it's time to blow off a little steam (well that and weight lifting). For me fitness is an outlet for some many things, and in order to stay motivated (which is hard for everyone including me!) I like to get new gear and always have a running list of new favorites. Here are some pieces I have my eye on...


Running Tanks - I am loving these cute racer backs with fun sayings, this #beast tank is my new love

Colorful sports bras - One of my favorite things to run in is a plain cotton racer back, so I love layering up with a fun bra like this one from Under Armour

Nike Wraps - I have been eyeing these for years, literally, years. I think it's finally time to buy!

New Kicks - Change your running shoes at least once a year, and if you run a lot like me, every 6 months. I personally always go for pink, black or gray.

Accessories - I love a good running watch to track my distance & time as well as a headband to keep my hair & sweat out of my eyes (plus it hides all the curly hair flyaways). I have also been seeing a lot of gals with these adorable yoga beads in class, and I have total yoga envy for them...I just need to find the perfect set. 

Fitness Tote-This is an essential item, especially when you are on the go as much as I am. 

Bottoms-I am the most picky when it comes to workout bottoms; biggest it factor - a wide waistband. It's a must for me. I hate thin waistbands that dig into your hips and belly, wide and high is how I like em.

Yoga Mat w/ Tote- Often when I run to a yoga class I don't bring much with me so I love the mats that come with their own tote. Two in ones have always been my thing.




Fitness Must Haves



What's your go-to workout gear? Your motivation?

xo - margaret


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