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Moody Blues

July 19, 2018

Ever have those days that no matter what you do just don't seem to go your way? You hit all the red lights, you're late for a meeting, you miss a workout, you snap at your partner...or, and hopefully not, all of the above?

Yup...me to.

And yesterday was just one of those days.

I didn't get enough sleep the night before, I woke up already running late, rushed to get out the door and from that point on the entire day, and my mood, was just off.

After I taught my evening spin class I finally gave up, quarantined myself to the office, and got caught on work until my eyelids started to get heavy. 

But...after a good night's sleep I woke up this morning feeling brand new - and, so far, am having a pretty awesome day.

And you know what? 

I am perfectly okay with that. 

If there is anything I have learned over the years it's myself - and I know that when I am off there are some days that where there is no chance of getting back on. And on those days I just have to let it go - and know that the next day will bring a fresh start. 

Thankfully my 'funk' doesn't usually last longer than a day - and if it does it's usually something really bad instead of just a 'mood.' And I also thankfully have a husband who knows me well enough to know it's not him - it's me. 

So today I plan on enjoying some sunshine, in this adorable outfit from Motifs, cutting out of the office a little early and celebrating the day and the fact that it's one of the many good ones...and the fact that even on my worst day I am pretty darn lucky to live the life that we do. 

Which might be why the bad days pop up every now and then, as a reminder to appreciate what we've got, who we've got and where we came from. 

So there's my little deep reflection for the month...I promise not to get too philosophical on you;)


I'd love to hear what you do to combat your "bad" or "off" days...I'm always looking for new ways to turn things around.

Happy almost weekend.

xo - margaret



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