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December 20, 2016

Our second day in Paris was my favorite, it was slightly unplanned until the day of and it could not have turned out more perfectly.

We started the day with an awesome workout, enjoyed breakfast and coffee fireside at our hotel and then were off to the Orsay Museum which was short and sweet (just the way I like museums) with the perfect amount of exhibits that even I was able to see them all and stay engaged. Next we snagged an Uber, which surprising easy even with the language gap, up to Montmarte where we enjoyed strolling the streets along the hill, the views down into Paris, street performers and stopping along the way in boutiques. We also enjoyed a long lunch, and by long I mean hours...and it was divine. We sipped champagne, had cheeses, salad & soup and then enjoyed one of many, many, many lattes that we would experience during our time in Paris. 

After lunch we decided to walk back down to Paris, and even though it was a few miles it was one of the best ways for us to see the city. Along the way we stopped in flower shops, cafes, bookstores and boutiques - taking in as much as we could during our stay which we soon found was too short!

Once back at our hotel it was a quick change and stop at the market for a bottle of champagne before walking over to the Eiffel Tower. Although it was our goal to make it for the sunset, we had such a packed day and once we finally made it (completely underestimating the walk) it was dark. This actually was in our favor because there was no one there and we had the park to ourselves and were able to enjoy our champagne just the two of us. That actually was my most favorite moment of our whole stay. It was like one of those, pinch me, moments where you just appreciate where you are and what you did to get there. With the Eiffel tower's twinkling light show at the top of the hour, it could not have been a more magical end to our day.

As you can see I stuck mostly with black and pops of color during our stay in Europe; since each of our days were jam-packed it was so much easier to transition from day to night with the change of accessories rather than an entire outfit. In fact, I could have packed even less with the amount of restyling I was able to do...mental note for next time I guess!

Have you traveled to Europe? What were your go-to pieces?


xo - margaret

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