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Mara Jumpsuit

May 30, 2018

You know it's funny; when we travel one of my favorite things to do is spend an afternoon in the town or city we are visiting just wandering around, popping into shops, stopping for coffee or a drink and having zero agenda other than exploring. But when I'm home I rarely do that, which is terrible because we've got a great little city with new places popping up every month. 

So, I decided it was high time (especially before tourist season hits) to spend a little QT in the Old Port to see what was new, stop in at some of my favorites and indulge in an iced latte (and I might have also had a chocolate chip cookie).

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | JCrew Sweater | Anthropologie Clutch | 5th & Magnolia

If you haven't visited Portland, ME it's a must see, and I am not just saying that because I live here. It's honestly a great place to enjoy a long weekend or even entire week with plenty to explore in and outside of the city. Our downtown is divided between some newer areas with more of the traditional "city" feel and the Old Port which houses many of the historic brick buildings, cobblestone streets and Casco Bay views (which is why it's often so busy from June-Sept.).

Like most cities there's a mix of tourist shops, big box stores (like Lululemon, Athleta, Anthropologie & West Elm), cafes, restaurants & bars - but what I love most is that I feel like we've got a pretty high ratio of local boutique stores where you can find everything from homegoods and clothing to pet supplies, cards & stationary as well as pop up shops with local artisans. It's easy to spend an entire afternoon wandering - and I almost always find that something has opened or that one of my old favorites has added something I have never seen before. It's truly like a treasure hunt for me - and definitely something I need to make time for more often. 

Love where you live right?!

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | OOTD | 5th & Magnolia

Speaking of things I love, I could not get enough of this romper - it came with me to Fiji last month where I practically lived in it and I've mixed it in a few times since I returned as well. Honestly, that's the best part of Rent the Runway Unlimited...if you like something you can keep it for as long as you'd like. Absolutely worth the monthly membership.

(and if you wanted to give it a try head on over here for a discount)

Now I have to mention...and to see who's actually paying attention, did you notice my bag change? LOL. I started with a navy tote but switched to a clutch I recently picked up so that I could shift the look more towards dinner. 

That's my 'Where's Waldo' moment for the day;)

ASTR Mara Cream Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia | OOTD

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | Anthropologie Clutch | 5th & Magnolia

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | JCrew Sweater | 5th & Magnolia | OOTD


This afternoon we're off to check out a new hotel in Kennebunkport for a little staycation - make sure to follow along on Insta for details on that. 

Happy almost weekend. 

xo - margaret



photos courtesy of: Courtney Elizabeth



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