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The Louvre

December 17, 2016

Visiting Paris was one of the top bucket list items for me, and one that I honestly did not expect to do so soon. I really thought 'we'll get to that in our 40's when we have more time'.... so the fact that it happened now I am still pinching myself over. It's like a dream still to some extent.

Our trip actually started in Iceland, but because it was so cold there and the amount of daylight was so limited we mostly got landscape shots and didn't do any OOTD shoots at all. So I will recap the Iceland portion of our trip separately, as well as the travel aspects of Paris and Rome. I figured though to start I would get through my lookbook while we were in Paris and Rome, and looking back at these images makes me want to go back so badly!

Upon arrival into Paris we went straight to our hotel, and since it was early and our room was not yet ready we decided to head over to The Louvre to explore. 

Most of the images I had seen of the museum were from the outside at night, which we also saw during our stay, so it was nice to be there during the day. We explored the surrounding area, sculpture park, walked down to the ferris wheel and then meandered into the museum itself which is MASSIVE. I mean, you could seriously get lost in there (and we did). In fact, remember that movie years ago where the kids hid while the museum was closing and then spent the night in there exploring? This museum is so big that I bet you could easily pull that off. 

We spent hours wandering the halls, which is good for me because my museum attention span is typically about 30 minutes. The sheer amount of paintings, sculptures and artifacts was astonishing, but most of all for me, were the ceilings. I barely looked down our entire time, my eyes were glued to them. The detail, the gold, the precision...absolutely amazing. 

It was the perfect way to spend our first Paris afternoon, and watching the sunset on our walk back to the hotel was just as magical.

More to come tomorrow and through the week as I finally start getting caught up #travelerproblems I know.

xo - Margaret


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