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August 28, 2018
monhegan island

One thing I love about summers here in Maine is that there are a lot of days where it's the absolute perfect weather to throw on shorts and a cozy knit or sweatshirt. It's honestly my late summer go to and I will wear this combo into the fall as long as I can. 

In fact, as I am thinking about it, this was pretty much my uniform as a kid as well. 

Summers were filled with beach days and summer camp and the mornings were often chilly, so I'd always be in shorts and a hoodie. Back then I wasn't quite as stylish, definitely was more of a tomboy (shocker I know), but I at least knew what felt good. 

And feeling good is such a big part of what I wear. If it's not comfortable I am not going to wear it - because I have learned that I will fidget with it and complain about it the entire time I am wearing it. Plus, at this point in my life I am way too busy with other things to worry about being uncomfortable. So I avoid it, in all things really. Relationships, work, projects & collaborations, fitness...the minute I am uncomfortable I am out. Which is good and bad because it can sometimes prevent me from experiencing something awesome. But if there is anything I have learned over the years it is that I am much happier overall when I stick with what I know I like and what I know works for me - those surprise "OMG I love this and I never thought I would" moments are few and far between.

So rule of the day...stick to what you know and love people. You'll be more fulfilled in the long run. Those summer flings are rarely last. a little heavy on a Wednesday. 

Back to light & fun - like this sweater from Motifs which I am planning on living in all fall. 

It's the perfect combination of the two seasons and is so "Maine" I can barely contain myself. 

Plus it's lightweight so you can easily tuck it into shorts, tie it or wear it long over skinny jeans or leggings. Versatile and cute? I call that a win.

Here's to enjoying these last few weeks of summer - and planning for the fall and FALL FASHION. Ugh...I can't wait. 

And we have got a darn busy fall to enjoy it in, that's for sure. Looking at our calendar this morning the months of September and October are literally booked solid and I am already starting to work on November and December. It's slightly insane. Where does the time go?!

Cheers to humpday kids - just 2 more days until that holiday weekend!

xo - margaret


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