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Forest Green

November 8, 2017

This (freaking cold) morning was a sad, and quite rude actually, realization that my days of dresses & boots without tights are going to come to an end quite soon. First world problems I know, but this does not make them any less important to me. 

This is where I would like you to get our your violin.

But really...it's a sad day.

I might be in mourning all morning...

I had to, sorry.

On a serious note though - Fall getting cooler means that it's also almost time for holiday season and more importantly our annual Friendsgiving party which somehow snuck right up on us and is this weekend. As in less than 7 days from now. 

I am not remotely ready, and with over 30 people attending this year it's going to be one for the books! 

Which is kinda like this dress, as in it was one for the books, not the not ready for it part. Because I was certainly ready for this dress and lovingly watched it hanging on the back of my door waiting for date night last weekend. 

The only issue I may have had with it, which the husband certainly did not, is that it might have been a hare short. Looking back at these photos with the breeze and my abnormally long legs it looked more like I was wearing my husband's dress shirt rather than a dress.

But hey...all the kids are doing it so why not! Plus the tall boots covered up the rest so really, who am I kidding...I'm totally covered up.

It ended up being perfect for a casual double date night our at one of our neighborhood favorites, Isa. Which by the way is a place that I am reminded everytime we visit why I love it so much - the food is always on point, the specials are delicious and seasonal, the ambiance is that perfect amount of dark & cozy and there is never too long of a wait. It's like this little hidden gem just outside of downtown that somehow not everyone and their mother has found - and I hope if they go looking for it that they get lost because I don't want it to change.

Well, other than maybe for the fact that I do want them to succeed and stick around...so maybe a few new people could find it, but not them and their mothers because that would just be too many. 

I digress. 

Anywho...cheers to humpday and being one step closer to this week's date night which is going to come a little early tomorrow for a little Thursday Cinq a Sept with Maine Magazine. I can taste the bubbly  now...


xo - margaret

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