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Floral Plunge

August 30, 2017
cape cod

Over the last few years I have really cut down on my shopping thanks to Rent the Runway Unlimited - in fact, I honestly don't think I bought more than a handful of things this summer. It's such a short season so between the staples that I already own and what I rent I really don't need much else.

One exception though was this dress from Express. Now for me, department store maxi dresses are rarely long enough, so I usually don't even try them on. But when I saw this dress I immediately fell in love and was thrilled when it ended up not only touching the floor when I tried it on, but even having enough length for a small heel. Combine that with the fact that I had a coupon and some Express Rewards Cash and this was literally a steal (and no surprise that it's now sold out...sorry ladies).

Express Floral Print Strappy Cut-Out Plunge Maxi Dress | 5th & Magnolia

Floral Print Strappy Cut-Out Plunge Maxi Dress by Express | 5th & Magnolia

The halter neckline with the deep plunge, open back and side cut outs make this maxi such a unique piece and the perfect day to night look. I also love that the color and print will easily transition right into the fall with a leather or suede jacket and some booties.  

Floral Print Strappy Cut-Out Plunge Maxi Dress Styled by 5th and Magnolia


Floral Maxi Dress by Express | 5th & Magnolia

Express Floral Print Cut-Out Maxi Dress | 5th & Magnolia

Also noteworthy here is my starfish cuff, which you may have noticed went  missing for quite some time.

Backstory for those of you who are new to the blog is that I was obsessed with my starfish cuff, and during the past few summers rarely took it off. However, last year one of the starfish legs on my cuff snapped right off and for the longest time I couldn't find a replacement until a few months later when I stumbled across one on Amazon. And while the one I ordered was not of the same quality as the original it was inexpensive and so I bought a few just in case they too broke (which they all did) and so after nearly 4 orders, and 4 breaks I gave up. wonderful Aunt came along and saved the day with this amazing (and sturdy) replacement which has held up like a champ all summer! So...needless to say I am back in love and have all fingers and toes crossed that this one goes the distance (or that a jewelry designer takes note and starts making higher end cuffs). 

Floral Print Cut-Out Plunge Maxi Dress by Express | 5th & Magnolia

What are your summer accessory essentials that you can't live without?

xo - margaret


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