Fiji Time

March 2, 2015

The question comes up quite a bit of what I do for work and what allows me to do so much travel and with my most recent trip to Fiji I had more questions than ever. 

I work as the Sales & Marketing Manager for a small boutique, luxury resort in Fiji. I currently manage the entire International market with sales representatives here in the US as wel as in India, Australia and New Zealand. The reason I travel so much is because I mainly manage the travel partner aspect of our business which includes wholesalers (such as Costco, Classic Vacations, Qantas etc.), travel agencies and retail travel agents as well as all of our third party channels (such as Expedia, Travelocity, Agoda etc.). In addition I oversee our direct sales channel which is made up of our online bookings on our website and those made through our direct reservation team.

Managing these relationships is what allows me to travel so much as they are located all over the world and I reach them through tradeshows, travel conferences & events as well as direct meetings. It's a constant job because you have to stay front of mind with these individuals otherwise they will forget your property and sell the next property that came in more recently. It's like a never ending chess game. 

In addition to the sales aspect I also manage our PR & Marketing which includes all of our advertising placements, both in print and online, PPC, GDN ads, retargeting, article placement, email marketing, media trips, website & social media channels. These aspects feed the above relationships in the gaps in which I cannot see them in person. 

It's an extremely demanding position, that typically takes up my time 7 days a week from first thing in the morning up until I go to bed so that I can connect with all International markets. It's also a very rewarding and exciting job, where I get to not only travel but also meet people from all around the world and hear from them after they or their clients stay with us and how much they love the property. Luckily I have an amazing product to sell; the resort offers the utmost in luxury, guest service and experience in the beautiful (as you can see below) country of Fiji.

You have to love what you do - and I am very thankful that I love my work. It's hard not to with these views!

xo - margaret



I have been wondering and wondering what you do...thanks for the excellent explanation..and best of luck...this is a fabulous opportunity for you. Mary

Thank you so much Mary! I have definitely lucked out with this position:) Hope you are well! xo - margaret

You are lucky to have such an amazing job.

Definitely lucked out with the position - after lots of hard work in the industry of course! xo - margaret

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