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Falling for Floral

October 25, 2017

For those of you who know me you knot that I do not jump on trend bandwagons easily. In fact, I would say that I quite openly resist them.

I mean, lets be real here...odds are that most trends don't last. Remember ultra low waist jeans, Juicy velour sweatsuits, platform sneakers and body suits? Yup...no longer in style and when in style were all way over priced. So, being the smart shopper that I am - and one who almost never buys anything full price, I avoid new trends and almost always wait at least a season or two (or four) before investing in new trends - that way I know they have some lasting power.

Take ankle booties for example; I literally waited almost 3 years before jumping on that bandwagon and it paid off. Prices came down, inventory went up and I had plenty of time to figure out how I wanted to style them.

Which brings me to my point for today's post, and more speficically the neckline of this dress, which features a bow tie. Now, let me just say that I have been monitoring this trend closely and have been seeing dresses and shirts with this style for quite some time. Did I like it at first? No. In fact, to be honest I've hated about 95% of them. They just look stuffy to me - plus with my curly hair the last thing I need is more stuff going on in the neck and shoulder area. 

But this past week I was feeling a bit daring...so I went out on a limb and gave this little number a try and I have to stay that I abso-fuckin-lutely loved it. It well surpassed my expectations and was so darn comfortable - the silk felt like butter and paired with some over the knee boots it was a 1960's mini dress dream.

Tanya Taylor Plum floral dress with necktie and over the knee boots

Tanya Taylor Plum floral dress with necktie | 5th & Magnolia

It ended up being perfect for a cocktail party we were attending which had a "dressy casusal" theme to it - and was a total hit for the evening (especailly with the husband which likely had to do with the fact that it was short...).

Fall OOTD | 5th & Magnolia

See...totally embracing the neck tie and I'm actually digging it.

Tanya Taylor Dress styled by 5th & Magnolia

Tanya Taylor silk dress with necktie | 5th & Magnolia

Tanya Taylor Aubree Dress | Fall Lookbook

I could easily see this being a fall staple - as well as super cute in the winter with tights and heels. I mean, how dresses like this ever went out of style actually confuses me - since it's pretty much textile perfection.

Fall Looks styled by 5th & Magnolia wearing Tanya Taylor Plum Aubree Dress

Tanya Taylor Plum floral dress with necktie perfect for fall

Tanya Taylor mini dress styled with over the knee boots | 5th & Magnolia


Tanya Taylor Plum Aubree Dress | Fall OOTD

Cheers to it being one step closer to the weekend...


xo - margaret


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