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Fall Ruffles

November 14, 2016

Fall is probably the only season where you will catch me wearing orange - because although it's a color I love, I just don't love it on me. I wish I did, because it's such a great color and in so many different tones, but I have come to accept it's just not one of my colors. Which I actually know for a fact since I had my colors done when I was a child. Yes, my colors done. I swear it was a thing (although no one I mention it to knows what I am talking about). But I swear, when I was little it was a thing and all my aunts & cousins were doing it. You had your colors done, where were based on hair, eye and skin color and then you got a little card that you kept in your wallet with your 'colors.' And orange was not one of mine.

For the fall though, I will break the cardinal rule and wear one of my non-colors, I mean how could I not when it perfectly matched the leaves?!

These Kendra Scott earrings were a total steal which I snagged while we were visiting friends in Northern CA. The color is to die for and so much better up close with all the marbling detail.



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