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Fall Floral

October 1, 2017

Well folks the past few mornings I have seen my breath while taking the dog out for his morning walk (and no it's not just my morning breath) which means that I now have to accept that fall has officially arrived. To be honest, I am A OK with it - and for a few reasons.

1. We had a kick ass last few weeks of sunny 70-80 degree weather so I really feel like we got a full summer

2. I am so freaking tired of having to constantly have perfectly manicured feet & painted toes so boot season is literally thrilling for me

3. I am equally tired of shaving my legs - so a little break from that a few days a week will be life changing (sorry husband)

4. I LOVE sleeping during the fall - the nights are crisp and the mornings are chilly and perfect for snuggling under the covers and pretending every day is Sunday morning.

5. Lastly, and actually related to this post, is that I love (more than just about anything fashion related) wearing dresses & boots without tights. As in before full on winter sets in and you have no choice but to wear tights with dresses. It's so darn easy to pair up any dress with boots and between booties, knee high and over the knee options I can barely contain my excitement.


Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress | Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

First up in the season transition are maxi dresses with boots - I love starting this late summer and carry it all the way through the fall. As the weather continues to cool down you simply add a cute cropped blazer or denim jacket and you are good to go all evening long. Plus low to mid heel boots are so much more comfortable than wearing heels!

Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress | 5th & Magnolia

Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress styled by 5th & Magnolia

I absolutely loved the off the shoulder flow on this dress and the ruffled hem and knee high slit. The perfect blend of chic & boho.

Tanya Taylor dress styled by 5th & Magnolia

Little flowers and accessories close up? I simply couldn't resist. But note, I never, ever go wildflower picking in get up like this. Heck, I never go wildflower picking at all, I hate bugs and I really don't prefer to get dirty.

Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress via Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress Fall Style Staple | 5th & Magnolia

But I could totally fool you into thinking I loved this whole woodsy thing with this shoot. What I am not showing you is that I am just steps away from a fancy smancy white tent party we were attending and that the woods were simply a backdrop for the evening. Sneaky I know.

5th & Magnolia Fall Style Maxi Dress and Ankle Boots

Tanya Taylor Maxi | Fall Style | 5th & Magnolia

Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress | Rent the Runway | Fall Style

Fall Style OOTD wearing Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress | 5th & Magnolia

Fall OOTD | Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress | 5th & Magnolia

What's your favorite fall adventure? Are you a lover of the outdoors or more of an onlooker like me?

xo - margaret

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