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Fall Feels

October 5, 2017

We have been experiencing such a warm fall so far - I mean these past 2 weeks it has been 75-80 almost every day, which for late September, in Maine, is unheard of.


It’s been so warm in fact that I have heard people who normally complain about it being fall too soon complaining that it’s not fall soon enough.

(shocker Mainer’s complaining?! Never!)


Trina Turk Pink Floramaria Dress styled by 5th & Magnolia

Trina Turk Pink Floramaria Dress from Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

I personally have absolutely nothing to complain about - I've been soaking up every last darn ray of sunshine and loving each second of it. The only thing bad thing about this time of year is that the days are starting to get shorter so there is less sunshine each day for me to absorb.

Trina Turk Pink Floramaria Dress Perfect for Fall | 5th & Magnolia

Fall Fashion OOTD wearing Trina Turk Dress | 5th & Magnolia

One of my favorite places this summer has been The Tides Beach Club in Kennebunkport - and I've carried my love for their porch sunsets & sipping cocktails into the fall. It's seriously a little slice of paradise, and makes me feel like I am on vacation (and you all know I love my vacations). I almost hesitate to say any more because I don't want anyone else to know about this little gem (or their Sunday happy hour).

Trina Turk Dress Perfect for Transitioning into Fall Fashion Season | 5th & Magnolia

Trina Turk Pink Dress from Rent the Runway | 5th & Magnolia

Trina Turk Pink Floramaria Dress at the Tides Beach Club | 5th & Magnolia

Trina Turk Dress styled for shoot at the Tides Beach Club | 5th & Magnolia

Funny little note here about this shot below, we had to do a few takes to get this shot (as is the case with most photoshoots) and there was a woman sitting directly to my left who quite possibly thought I was insane. She was staring with such a confused face that it took everything in me not to crack up. She must have been thinking "what the hell is this lady doing?" Or that totally could have been my paranoid self thinking that...and she could have been paying me no attention at all and perhaps just didn't like her drink. 

I guess I'll never know!

Trina Turk Pink Dress | 5th & Magnolia

And on that note - I say cheers to it almost being the weekend.

We're off to a charity event this evening, which much to the husband's dismay has a pink theme for attire, at none other than our new favorite Vinegar Hill in Kennebunkport. Is it bad that I am already mentally checking out of work and into cocktail mode an it's only 9am?


xo - margaret


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