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Cycle Obsession

March 25, 2016

After a near death cardio heart exploding experience in college I had it in my head that I was not an indoor spinning kind of gal. Although I love to run and even bike outside there was something about being in a loud dark room and having my heart pounding out of my chest did not interest me at all. 

I will admit though for the past 6 months or so I have been considering trying it; call it a combination of the popularity and buzz on places like soul cycle (and the results), getting older and having to really strategically workout to stay my current size (and eat what I want for the most part) and a new desire to really mix up my workouts, but it had me thinking. So, after much research and hemming and hawing about when to start I finally pulled the trigger last month and I can officially say that I am hooked. Like put an IV in me and strap me to the bike hooked. I love it, and the calorie burn and cardio high is completely the reason for my addiction. That and the great music, motivating instructors and excuse to shop a new section at Lululemon & VS (don't tell the husband about that last part). 

That being said, here are some of my top picks for cycle class and if you are in the Portland Maine area definitely check out Reve Cycling - it's a game changer if you are looking to add something new to your fitness deck.



Cycle Gear

What's your favorite workout? 


xo - margaret



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