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October 12, 2016
wine country

Last week we spent a week in Northern CA soaking up some sunshine while visiting for a friend's wedding. Since both my husband and I attended college in the Bay Area many of our friends are still there so it's always a college reuinion of sorts when we return, which makes these trips fairly epic and a household favorite. They also tend to be the types of trips we need a vacation from when we return home, and this most recent stay was no different! To be honest though...I woudln't have it any other way.

Our friend's rehersal dinner was at a beautiful golf course near wine country - the rolling hills and unlimited amounts of sunshine were much needed after a few crisp weeks of fall here in Maine. I fully took advantage of sandals, dresses, tanks and shorts.

This weekend we are off to Chicago for yet another wedding, and it's looking like 60's-70's so I will get one final does of warmth before breaking out the winter layers and putting away my summer clothes for the season. I can't wait!


xo - margaret


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