OOTD + off the shoulder

Brunch Casual

May 4, 2017
west end

You know that pair of jeans that fit perfectly, look good with everything and are so cozy comfy that you don't want to take them off? The pair that if you were to loose them or grow out of them would possibly require therapy? Welp...these are Joes Jeans those jeans for me. 

Best part? Snagged them on sale at Nordstrom for less than $40. Yup, that's right (big surprise). 

They have become my go to piece, which I probably go to a bit too often, but hey...can you blame a girl for wanting to be comfortable? I think not.

Especially on the weekends - you will find me in these babies likely Saturday & Sunday and quite possibly both day and night with a change of top & accessories. And speaking of tops - isn't this one to die for? A true off-the-shoulder perfection with sleeves that actually connect to the neckline so that you are not constantly pulling them up or down. Brilliant I tell you.

Cheers to the weekend, good workouts and long lazy Sunday brunch.

xo - margaret

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