Breezy Vibes

March 22, 2016
I have found that as I get older my style continues to shift towards a mix of comfort, structure and minimalism. I love looks that are easy, but look completely put together like a blazer, button down tucket in or sheath dress. I also lean towards pieces that are flattering, no matter what kind of day I am having, so ones that either have some structure or that are a bit more loose that I can tuck into the front of some cozy boyfriend jeans.
From there I mix in some statement accessories like a bold necklace, bright bangles, trendy bag or shoes and at times a hat or scarf to complete the look and bring it on trend.
That said - here are some pieces I am planning on living in this spring.
Spring & Summer Lusts


As you can see each piece works well together or alone and can easily be mixed in with existing pieces that I have so that I keep the amount of new pieces I need at a manageable level. I will say that I am slightly obsesses with fringe and lace ups right now, I just can't help myself. I am also really being drawn to pastel blues, pinks, blush and nudes - I can't wait to get some color in my skin so that I can more successfully pull them off. Or at least a good spray tan;)

What are your current favorite pieces and styles?

xo - margaret




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