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July 16, 2018

In addition to all of the craziness with the job situation and thinking that we were moving, and then figuring out that we weren't moving I forgot to mention that we also have had houseguests for the last nearly 3 weeks - which although was wonderful - meant that you better believe I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend of down time with just the husband and the fur babes.

I know you may not believe me, but, I truly am a homebody at heart. And I LOVE quiet. So on Saturday when I had almost the entire day to myself with zero people in the house I was in 7th Heaven. 

*Side note - remember that show?! So good!*

I digress.

Anyway, where I am going with this is that after a recharging weekend and a little nap this morning after I taught my 7am cycle class I feel energized and ready for the busy week ahead!

And lets be real, that does not always happen on Mondays, so I am pretty pumped.

Motifs Portland Maine | OOTD - 5th and Magnolia

Motifs OOTD | 5th and Magnolia | Old Port, Portland Maine

I am also pumped about this collaboration with Motifs here in Portland, which is where this dress and adorable backpack/purse are from.

Not to mention the fact that you can still enter to win a $25 gift certificate to the boutique!

Yup, that's right - free shopping $$. 

I mean...who ever said no to free shopping?!

Not someone who I consider a friend that's for sure. 

Motifs | 5th and Magnolia | Monument Square, Portland Maine

Motifs Women's Clothing | 5th and Magnolia | Old Port, Portland Maine




Interested in entering? 

It's simple - follow these instructions:

1. Follow 5th & Magnolia on Instagram

2. Follow @motifsportlandme on Instagram

3. Browse Motifs website or their Instagram posts & stories and then head on over to my Instagram post and leave a comments the item(s) you would get with your $25 gift card


That's it!

Pretty simple & a total win win. At the very least you get to do a little window shopping or online browsing to help pass the time on your Monday afternoon.


Motifs Clothing | 5th and Magnolia | Old Port, Portland Maine

Motifs | 5th and Magnolia | Old Port, Portland Maine

I personally would suggest this dress - it fits beautifully and flows so easily as you move. Definitely a staple if you have an office job or for business meetings. 

And I have to admit I was surprised by how much I loved the backpack. 

I have seen people using them while traveling and never thought I could pull it off - they always seems a bit "momish" to me. But when I saw this one at Motifs I thought I would give it a try (and if you know me, or read my blog often you know I am always hesitant to try new things) and I am so happy I did! 

The straps detach so you could easily carry this as more of a tote, do the over the one shoulder look or wear it as a full backpack. 

If I had an office job this would absolutely be my go to bag for the to and from work life. 

Motifs Portland Maine | 5th and Magnolia

Motifs | 5th and Magnolia | Portland Maine

OOTD with Motifs Portland Maine | 5th and Magnolia

What do you think? Backpacks or no? 

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Monday!

And also, just a reminder, for the Motifs Giveaway winners will be chosen this week on Friday July 20th! 


xo - margaret



All photos by: Courtney Elizabeth Media

Motifs Giveaway

July 12, 2018

Happy Thursday...and thank goodness it's almost Friday!

The last couple of weeks have been complete insanity, which is why there's been a little radio silence over here on the blog.

To give you just a small taste of what's been going on...

As most of you know I left my full time job about a month ago and although I have been enjoying freelancing, teaching cycle and catching up on other life adventures - I have been looking for "real" job to fill the gap.

So about a week ago I was thrilled when I received an amazing job offer. 

The downside, because life isn't all peaches and cream, was that the amazing job offer was in another state - which meant us leaving Maine, which has truly become a place that holds my heart so dearly.

It also meant we had about 2-3 weeks to pack up everything here, rent our home, find a home, move and get settled.

Complete insanity I know.

But we decided to go for it and went all in - like gorilla ape style all in.


But then...


Shit hit the fan and to make a long story short, a landslide of things happened all pointing to us not moving away from Maine as planned. 

So now I am getting caught back up, reworking all the pieces I started moving around and figuring out what's next. Which is equal parts exciting, scary and as per usual slightly overwhelming. 

And when life gets crazy and you need a break... what's the best thing to do?

Go shopping obviously! 

5th & Magnolia | Motifs Portland, Maine

So when Motifs, here in Portland, reached out to me I jumped at the chance to not only go shopping and blow off some stress, but to also work with a store that I already loved and frequented often.

Motifs Portland Maine - Boutique - 5th and Magnolia - OOTD

For those of you who not familiar with Motifs; it's a beautiful boutique with some serious decor goals & Frech neighborhood vibes (think Paris and cobblestone streets sipping a coffee and wandering in local neighborhoods) in the Old Port that offers a large selection of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, home decor and gifts. 

Motifs | Portland Maine Womens Clothing | 5th and Magnolia

One of the reasons I like it so much is because it's not like many of the other shops in the Old Port - meaning you won't find 'touristy chotskies' and such. Their pieces are unique, high quality and are totally on trend. I also love that they are constantly bringing in new pieces and home decor items - every time I go in they have something new, which means it's a great place to frequent as a local and with out of town guests...or for visitors here to Portland!

Motifs Boutique Portland Maine - Boutique - 5th and Magnolia

And their location? I mean, it doesn't get much more quintessential Portland Maine than that! You can hear the seagulls and catch an ocean breeze...I mean it's utter perfection. Not to mention the fact that their staff is not only incredibly friendly, but their style is on point and they are great at helping you to put looks together,  select just the right pieces of jewelry and to find the perfect gift for someone special.

5th and Magnolia | Motifs Portland Maine - Boutique

5th and Magnolia | Motifs | Portland Maine

And now for the best news...

Motifs has graciously given me two $25 gift certifcates to give away to two lucky readers!

And trust me - you can find plenty of things in here in that price point OR use the gift card towards a little splurge that I am sure you deserve.

Like my personal favorite which is this necklace & bracelet combo which is TO DIE FOR!

5th and Magnolia | Motifs Clothing and Gifts | Portland Maine

The top, the denim and the bag are also top of my list and all available at their boutique. Plus you can shop online AND if there is something you see on their Instagram or Facebook that you want but can't find online they will ship it directly to you.

I mean, could shopping get any easier?!


Here's how to enter:

1. Follow 5th & Magnolia on Instagram & Facebook

2. Follow Motifs on Instagram & Facebook

3. Browse Motifs website or social channels & post in the comments over on my Instagram post with what piece(s) you would get with your $25 gift card


Need some inspiration? I got you covered! I will be posting some of my favorite looks from Motifs over the next week:)

Winners will be chosen next week on Friday July 20th!

Happy Thursday!

xo - margaret





photos by the ever so talented Courtney Elizabeth





*this is a sponsored post with Motifs in Portland, Maine - but as always I ONLY post about things I trust me when I say you must visit this store either in person or online soon!



Today marks the first official day of summer, and what better way to kick off the season than with a review of our recent stay at The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club

This place literally screams summer fun, from the bright colors and bold patterns in their decor, to the Rose welcome, the on-site bar with delicious cocktails and their perfectly appointed rooms each with their own private, waterfront, patio.

If I were to choose a hotel to live in this summer...this would be my pick. 

Kennebunkport Hotel Review: The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club | 5th & Magnolia

What I love most about this hotel though is how you feel at home as soon as you arrive. There is no agenda here, it's not pretentious and the staff is absolutely wonderful - they are warm & friendly, attentive and offer the perfect amount of conversation. 

As soon as you arrive you are welcomed at the front desk with a chilled glass of rose as they explain the property to you and give you a brief tour. 

The property consists of 30 waterfront rooms decorated in bright colors with shads of pink, blue and yellow combined with nautical elements like shiplap walls, brass and stripes. Each room boasts a bar area with barstools, couch or cozy oversized chairs, large immaculate spa like bathrooms with beautiful tile and brass finishings as well as a private outdoor space with table and chairs under the awning and adirondak chairs on the lawn overlooking the water. Not to mention the tech friendly elements with USB ports built into the outlets, large flat screen smart tv, air conditioning, mini fridge stocked with goodies and complimentary WiFi. 

The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club Hotel Review | 5th & Magnolia | Kennebunkport, ME Fashion Blogger |

5th and Magnolia Kennebunkport Fashion Blogger | The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club Weekend Getaway

5th and Magnolia Kennebunkport Fashion Blogger | The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club Review

Hotel Review: The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club | 5th & Magnolia

As a guest you can also enjoy the following amenties:

  • Fresh brewed coffee (all day long I might add...)
  • Morning pastries & baked goods served at the Marina Bar
  • Evening wine hour from 4-5pm (which typically includes a champs or Rose which you know I love)
  • Sundown Sessions with a nightly bonfire (perfect for sipping a cocktail or having an evening bite)
  • Complimentary bikes to cruise around town
  • Complimentary 2 hour paddleboard or SUP rentals

5th and Magnolia Kennebunkport Fashion Blogger | Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club Hotel Review

The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club Hotel Review | 5th & Magnolia | Kennebunkport, ME

Best part, aside from the above, is their location. With waterfront views and boat access you won't find a better place to take in all the summer feels - plus they are perfectly situated just outside of the heart of Kennebunkport meaning you get some peace and quiet but can easily walk or bike to the heart of the town in less than 5 minutes. 

The only bad part about this place is that they took so long to arrive! 

I can honestly say there is no other place we would rather stay in Kennebunkport.

Review: The Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club Hotel | 5th & Magnolia

Ready to book your stay? Check them out here and make sure to tell them I sent might just be surprised with a little extra something when you arrive.