July 26, 2018

It's rare for us to travel to a place more than once. I know that sounds crazy...but the way I see it is that there are so many places to explore and so little time, so from a efficiency standpoint I honestly don't have time to make multiple visits to a destination.

There are of course exceptions to this, and clauses to this way of travel. 

For example, if we haven't been to a place in years and loved it the first time we'll repeat it OR if we fall completely in love with a destination then we'll come back and visit again no matter how long the time in between was. 

Here in the US there are a few places we frequent (and staycations in Maine don't count), often coming each year, including Austin, the Gulf Coast, Nor Cal, So Cal, Chicago & NYC. 

And I must say that after our recent trip to Charleston we are adding that city on our repeat list - so much so that we are literally, even though we were just there a few weeks ago, heading back there again tomorrow. Yup...tomorrow. 

It's the husbands birthday weekend and I have business there the following week so we figured why not make a little vacation out of it?! And lets be real...I'll take any excuse to get back to the Zero George - so to say that I am excited to stay there again would be a compelte understatement. I think I am looking forward to that more than anything else.

Interested in learning more about why we loved Charleston so much? I promise to write a full Charleston recap post when we get back filled with where we stayed, what we did and what you can't miss. 

In the meantime I am frantically packing and counting down the minutes to sipping champagne on the porch at the Zero George. 

Cheers to birthdays, weekend getaways and champagne.

Got any insider tips for me to see/do/eat/drink in Charleston? I'd love to hear them!


xo - margaret


July 25, 2018

So if you have been following my blog, or insta, for any bit of time you will notice that I rarely wear pants and that if I do they are either skinnies or my all time favorite boyfriend jeans. Sometimes I will throw on a pair of shorts, but for the most part I stick with dresses & skirts.


Because I have super long legs and finding pants that are the right length for me is a nightmare. Most often they are too short, and this goes for full length pants looking more like crops, to skinny jeans never reaching my ankles and capris hitting more around the knee level than my calves. First world problem, I know, BUT it does not make it less annoying. 

However, as of late, I have been obsessed with high waisted cropped pants. Ideally with a side slit or wide leg. And by obsessed I mean scouring stores and the internet for just the right pair - which for my ladies out know is like finding a unicorn when you are looking for something uber specific. 

Motifs Portland Maine - Boutique - 5th and Magnolia - OOTD, Portland Maine

In comes my friends over at Motif's to save the day with these adorable cropped pants, with a side slit, in a vibrant print. I mean, can we say the perfect vacation and travel pants?!

Yes we can!

Because they are. 

And I love them.


Motifs Portland Maine - Boutique - 5th and Magnolia - Portland Lobster Co

Old Port, Portland Maine - OOTD - 5th and Magnolia

Seriously though, by far some of the most comfortable pants I have worn all summer and they work well for both day and night - picture them with a cute cropped top and wrap for a dinner out...perfection!

Motifs | Portland Maine Womens Clothing | 5th and Magnolia | OOTD

And speaking of wraps, how fun is this baby blue fringe hem wrap?! Such a great piece for summer with it's versatile style allowing you to wear it off the shoulder to one side, off both shoulders or around you as a shawl. 

I have used this piece on both of our recent trips because it's perfect for flying as it also doubles up as a cozy blanket for early morning flight naps. 

Motifs Boutique Fashion Shoot - 5th and Magnolia

How about you...anything you are drooling over? I'd love to hear what trends you are eyeballing.

And speaking of shopping - I have got some on my to do list for this week as we are headed out of town this Friday to Charleston and the last time we were there I felt completely unprepared for the extreme heat. So I am on the lookout for loose, light cotton & linen fabrics to pull together some fun looks. I am also on the lookout to be packed and ready to go by Thursday afternoon so that I am not doing the night before, up until 2am packing for a 5am flight as per usual.

Wish me luck.

xo - margaret


Moody Blues

July 19, 2018

Ever have those days that no matter what you do just don't seem to go your way? You hit all the red lights, you're late for a meeting, you miss a workout, you snap at your partner...or, and hopefully not, all of the above? to.

And yesterday was just one of those days.

I didn't get enough sleep the night before, I woke up already running late, rushed to get out the door and from that point on the entire day, and my mood, was just off.

After I taught my evening spin class I finally gave up, quarantined myself to the office, and got caught on work until my eyelids started to get heavy. 

But...after a good night's sleep I woke up this morning feeling brand new - and, so far, am having a pretty awesome day.

And you know what? 

I am perfectly okay with that. 

If there is anything I have learned over the years it's myself - and I know that when I am off there are some days that where there is no chance of getting back on. And on those days I just have to let it go - and know that the next day will bring a fresh start. 

Thankfully my 'funk' doesn't usually last longer than a day - and if it does it's usually something really bad instead of just a 'mood.' And I also thankfully have a husband who knows me well enough to know it's not him - it's me. 

So today I plan on enjoying some sunshine, in this adorable outfit from Motifs, cutting out of the office a little early and celebrating the day and the fact that it's one of the many good ones...and the fact that even on my worst day I am pretty darn lucky to live the life that we do. 

Which might be why the bad days pop up every now and then, as a reminder to appreciate what we've got, who we've got and where we came from. 

So there's my little deep reflection for the month...I promise not to get too philosophical on you;)


I'd love to hear what you do to combat your "bad" or "off" days...I'm always looking for new ways to turn things around.

Happy almost weekend.

xo - margaret




July 18, 2018

I must say I was pretty darn excited when McDonalds reached out to me to partner with them to help promote Global McDelivery Day on July 19 and the fact that delivery of their food and beverages will be available, via UberEats, throughout New England. What I was honestly most excited about though is that with this promotion McDonalds is releasing a brand new 90's Throwback Collection featuring pieces inspired by the some of the most rad 90's trends including Big Mac fanny packs, McDonald’s jean jackets, fries socks (just to name a few).


Now, I know what you are thinking... because I have heard it over and over again since announcing this collaboration, which is "do you even eat McDonalds?!" - and the answer to that is yes. 

McDelivery | 5th & Magnolia | McDonalds 90s Throwback Collection


Look.. it's all about balance, and if you follow me you know I work my tail off 5-7 days a week and for the most part live a pretty darn healthy lifestyle.


But I am going to be real with you here...I also treat myself.


5th & Magnolia | McDelivery | McDonalds




So if I want to have dessert, or another glass of champagne, or dig into a cheeseburger and french fries I am going to do it - and not feel bad about it. 


Now, to be clear, that doesn't mean I will do it everyday - or even every week for that matter - but when I crave a certain food or drink I rarely deprive myself of it.  I mean, what's the point of all the hard work otherwise?!


As for McDonalds, what most of you don't know is that I've actually eaten it since I was a kid. 


In fact, when I was little my Memere worked at our local McDonalds (she made the biscuits) and when she would babysit me I would beg her (and she'd almost always cave) to take me to McDonalds for vanilla milkshakes. I remember them tasting so, so good...especially at breakfast. 




I drank milkshakes for breakfast. 


Sorry's out of the bag! Memere used to take me to get milkshakes for breakfast - and it was amazing.



When I got a little older Happy Meals were my jam, and if you say you never had AND loved one as a kid I just won't believe you, and my go to pick if we were on the road to and from things like swim meets or the drop offs between parents (#childofdivorcedparentslife).


In high school I lived for their french fries & diet cokes with extra ice - I have no idea what it is about their soda but it's SO good. 


Then in college their breakfast sandwiches with hashbrowns and a large OJ brought me life and were a guaranteed hangover cure.


And now a days I honestly still enjoy their egg mcmuffins (cheese & egg meat...extra cheese) and now also like their strawberry smoothies (below), grilled chicken salads (also below) and on a hot day am often tempted for a little hot fudge sundae treat. 


Maine Fashion Blogger 5th & Magnolia | McDonalds | McDelivery


5th & Magnolia | McDonalds | McDelivery


So there you have it - yes - I workout, I am fit, I love going out to fancy restaurants & drinking champagne but I also do eat McDonalds. Again, it's all about balance...oh, and the fact that I am a normal human who eats fast food sometimes. 


5th and Magnolia | McDelivery | McDonalds | Portland Maine


That said...if you are like me, or even if you just are someone who lives and dies for the 90's then McDelivery Day is for you...and the best part is that you don't have to wait long to experience it because it's TOMORROW.


That's right...starting tomorrow restaurants throughout New England are in on the fun, and all you need to do is place an order McDelivery through Uber Eats on July 19 - McDelivery Day - to receive one free Throwback Collection gift with a minimum $5 food order beginning at lunch time at your local restaurant, while supplies last. Check out for more info and a full list of participating restaurants.


McDelivery | McDonalds | Portland Maine Blogger 5th & Magnolia


xo - margaret




*this is a sponsored post - all images from Courtney Elizabeth Media