Summer Patio

August 20, 2018

For those of you who know me you know that I have a mild (which actually means major) obsession with throw pillows. And the best part about the summer season is the fact that I get to extend my obsession beyond the walls of our home out onto our front porch and back patio. I mean, really, the sky is the limit if you think of all the places to put pillows when you include both inside and out - especially when they are indoor/outdoor pillows - because that means I can transition them all over the place all year long.

And that makes me one happy girl.  

You know what else makes me happy? Well, other than summer cocktails on our patio that is, are these coasters and lobster pillow from The Trelles Cottage. They have been the perfect addition to our backyard patio and have made the fact that summer is coming to an end a little easier to swallow because now we have cute new patio items to enjoy. 

It's like new workout sneakers...they just make working out so much more fun. Am I right?!

I digress. 

Anyway - back to The Trelles Cottage - they reached out to me a few months ago for a collaboration and I instantly fell in love with their nautical themed home decor pieces, gifts and apparel. They honestly belong here in Maine and so many of their pieces fit in perfectly with our home decor style. It was hard narrowing down which items to feature!

I ended up going with these versatile stone coasters (which btw come in multiple different nautical designs), the lobster pillow (duh) as well as a lobster travel pouch/clutch and a gorgeous painting of buoys - all of which honestly look like they were custom made for our home. 

Oh! And some puffin leggings...which you many or may not remember from my Insta Stories last month. Those are pretty darn amazing as well. 

What I love most about these products is that they are extremely good quality, made by someone here in the USA who you can connect with (she's the sweetest) and they are extremely affordable. I mean - $30 for an outdoor pillow?! I pay upwards of $50 that's a steal.

And as always, I never partner up with any brand that I don't love. So you can always trust that when I share things with ya'll it's cause they truly are awesome.

And often I am sorry for that part;)

Now for the best've got a chance to win a few of these items including a set of stone coasters, the lobster travel pouch, the puffin leggings AND an exclusive product discount!

To enter head on over to my Instagram post here and then simply follow these steps:

1. Follow @5thandmagnolia on Insta
2. Follow @thetrellescottage on Insta
3. Visit The Trelles Cottage website and comment in the comments section directly on this instagram post
with what item you would buy with your discount (for example the amazing indoor/outdoor lobster pillow or coaster set)


I will be choosing a winner next week on Monday - so hurry...because you do not want to miss out on this prize!


xo - margaret



*This is a sponsored post. As with all sponsored posts I ONLY feature products that I have tried and enjoy so you can rest easy knowing that what I promote is what I love...and hopefully something you will enjoy as well.

Summer Pop

August 20, 2018

Mondays are always a tough one for me - as much as I love a busy work day and getting things done the weekends are such a cherished time and seem to go by entirely too fast. Especially in the summer when the days are jam packed with so many things to do and people we want to spend time with.

This past week we were in Boston for a few days while the husband had some work meetings, so I was working from our hotel room during the day and we were able to enjoy evenings out in the city - which was awesome. Boston is one of my personal favorites, and being so close to us, is a place we visit often so our list of "favorites" is long and being so familar it feels sort of like a second home. 

Then Saturday we got moving super early and drove north to my family's lake house in Northern Maine on Sebec Lake for a few days of lakeside sunshine, swimming, BBQs and (for the most part) disconnected from the crazy day-to-day family time. Cell phone service is limited, if any, up here so it's a wifi only zone and even that's fairly slow. 

Today is our last day so I am going to keep this short so I can squeeze out the day to it's last drop - but I just had to share this dress with you guys. 

It's one that I have had my eye on for months and they finally got my size in stock - the back of the dress is to die for and the pattern is absolutely perfect for summer. I also love that you could pair it with a linen blazer or light wrap sweater for work and easily move it right into happy hour cocktails or dinner. 

And what better way to start a Monday than with an outfit that can easily transition to happy hour I right?!

Cheers to enjoying every last drop of summer...and a crisp happy hour drink on a patio to celebrate making it through another Monday.


xo - margaret


August 17, 2018

It's Friday - and out of all weeks I definitely feel very TGIF today. It's been a bit crazy the last few weeks and I plan on enjoying some down time this weekend at our family lake house in Northern Maine. Limited computer and cell, lots of beach and lake time and zero agenda is looking pretty darn good.

You know what else is pretty darn good that's in Northern Maine? Monhegan Island - which is where we were a few weeks back when my dad was in town visiting. 

Talk about disconnecting! 

That place barely has cell or internet connection - which honestly is a nice change from my day to day. It really allowed us to connect and spend time together and at the oceanfront Island Inn there was no place I'd rather be at sunset than sipping cocktails without my phone in hand.

I'll share a full review of our stay later this week, but for now these snaps are from our first night on the island. 

I pretty much lived in white jeans or shorts and nautical tops - I just couldn't resist.

Cheers to the weekend! We've been in Boston for a few days and are here one more night so make sure to follow along on Instagram!

xo - margaret

So you know how you have those weeks where everything falls into place, you get all of your to-do list items completed and you finally feel like you got ahead? either. 

I feel like those weeks are unicorns and only exist for the people who either don't work or have only 2 things on their to do list (or both) - because if you are like me...a working gal who has a super busy schedule you know weeks like that just don't happen. I honestly think that if they did I would be bored, so I am not complaining...well, maybe complaining a little. Or simply looking to know that I am not alone in the fact that the to-do list never gets done, it just gets rewritten on a new piece of paper so I feel accommplished. Am I right?!

And these past two weeks have been no exception, in fact they might have been some of the busiest weeks of the summer. We've been traveling, I started a new full time job and traveled to their office to work for a week, I've been teaching spin like a mad lady, keeping up with an intense personal training routine and have been trying to squeeze in as much summer fun with friends and family as possible. It simply doesn't all fit in...and sadly the blog is usually the first to fall by the wayside.

I know many of you have been following along on Insta stories which I love - your comments crack me up - seriously you guys are hilarious. But I really want to get back to doing more of what I love which is content creation with looks from day to day life here in Portland and our travels as well as collaborating with brands that I love. 

Which is why I am super excited to share this post because this dress if from a new clothing rental company that I have been trying out called Fashion Pass. 

Now...I know what you are thinking - what about Rent the Runway?! And don't worry - I still love and use them too. But I wanted to give a new brand a try because quite honestly I am running out of new things to rent from Rent the Runway because I use it so often!

So when FashionPass reached out to me to try their new service I couldn't resist and have been absolutely loving their pieces.

(which btw - you can try too...and get $60 in FREE here

This dress though, by far, has been my favorite and it likely one of the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn in the softest of cottons and was perfect for the Charleston humidity last week.

This low cut neckline is just the right amount of heelllooo that you want without showing off too much of the girls, and the same goes for the slits on the front (which also make this dress super easy to walk in...especially up stairs). And although you can't see it in these images - the back of this dress is open with a high waist which is incredibly flattering. 

Length for me was just right in flats but I definitely could not have worn heels - and for reference I am about 5ft 7in - which is great for me because heels and I usually end up with me either tripping, falling over or getting my heels stuck in the sidewalk. None of which bode well for me or anyone who is with me who ends up laughing after the fact...husband that's you.

Want to give FashionPass a try and get a free $60 to use on their site? Yup...that's right a FREE $60 to use on their site! 

Simply click here, sign up and choose your pieces. 

The website is easy to use and they have a long list of pieces you can rent from dresses like this, to every day pieces to mix into your wardrode and special occassion items for weddings and such. They also offer a great selection of accessories including jewelry, handbags and sunnies. I have rented a few of each and have been impressed with not only their selection but the quality of the items. Plus they carry some of my favorite brands like Amanda Uprichard, J.O.A, Yumi Kim and my current brand crush, which I highly suggest you try, called ASTR.

If you have any trouble with the link you can go the old fashioned way and use my code: MARGARET.

Happy Shopping!


xo - margaret