As many of you know, part of the reason for our trip to Fiji was so that I could teach a Wellness Retreat at the resort. This consisted of twice daily Yoga & Pilates sessions which I was lucky to lead with both amazing students and stunning views. We practiced on decks surrounding by the rainforest, out on the beach and on cliff top decks. It was beyond amazing. 

Here are a few shots of a quick routine I like to do to help wake me up in the mornings.


Start out for a good few minutes in downward facing dog.

One at a time lift each leg behind you, you can also choose to follow the lift by bending the knee and stacking the hips one on top of the other and going into flip dog.

High Plank with hips lifted above the heart (great for the abs & buns)

Low Plank or Low Push Up (I suggest holding this for a few seconds to really build up those triceps)

Upward Facing Dog (after this I suggest pressing back into downward facing dog then leading into the warrior series below)

Warrior One

Warrior Two


Standing Head to Knee

Standing Bow Pose


Following this series I will often finish with tree pose with a long hold and then some mat stretching. If you run through a few times it will get your heart rate up and definitely burn some calories.

Happy Wednesday - Make it a great workout day!


xo - margaret


Shop the Look:

All pieces are from Lululemon: Shorts | Tank | Headband | Mat Towel


Also wanted to share a few of the images that were shot for the resort's website & brochure (all photo credits to the handsome husband).

Winter Wear Sport

January 20, 2014

It's hard enough when it's warm outside to get motivated on some days, and I won't the cold it's 10 times harder. I have found though that the more prepared you are (and the cuter you look) the more likely you will be to actually get out there and get your fit on.

Running is my personal favorite, and you need to have good winter gear to make it comfortable & enjoyable in the cold. I personally love the run gear at Lululemon, Under Armour & The North Face. Those are the brands that I have found keep me the warmest and whose styles I like most. In these snaps I am wearing a Lululemon Frosty Run hat, coat (similar), Frosty Run mitties, scarf (similar) & WunderUnder pants.

For Pilates I definitely layer up on top because once I get to class to either teach or workout I am in a tank & pants. My new favorite is this wool coat from Lulu which is more like a cozy blanket than traditional jacket - it's lined with fleece and is perfect for chilly morning classes. I also prefer the headband to a hat so that when I get to class I can take it off and not loose whatever good hair day I may or may not be having. As with running I stick with Wunderunders, which by the way are often times reversible, can be worn for all your fitness activities and double as leggings under dresses in the winter - thus justifying the cost. Last but not least are my mitties which have adorable messaging if you fold them down & open on the finger tip of the index finger and thumb for phone usage without having to take off your entire mitty - genius! 

*Sadly I snagged the coat & mitties in the Lululemon day after Christmas sale so they are gone from their site - if you really love them though you can typically find styles on Ebay.

Be Happy. Be Active.

Happy Monday!


xo - margaret