Summer Flashback

November 6, 2018

So you know those moments when you fall behind...whether it's work, life, personal committments or just plain old day to day chores. One day turns into weeks and then before you know it, it's been a month. 


That's me right now with blog content.

I am so far behind that I still have at least a handful (or more) shoots from this past summer and early fall. 

Which means that you guys are going to get a whole lot of warm weather posts...which is really mean considering it was 20 degrees out this morning.

And these snaps from our last trip to Charleston were certainly not shot in 20 degree weather.

But you know what? 

Deal with it.

Especially with this dress which was such a gorgeous look for date night - this piece flowed so darn perfectly and with the ruffle detail I honestly wanted to wear it over and over (and did). 

So sorry to any Charleston folk who saw me multiple times in the same dress - I swear I have plenty of clothes.

I'd also like to point out this straw clutch that was nearly attached to my hip all summer - definitely the best and most used purchase I made all season. And one that I plan on reusing during the holidays - because if you know me, then you know if I can't repurpose it throughout the year I don't buy it.

(this is why I love Rent the Runway so much you guys ;)

Cheers to looking back and reliving vacation moments and summer weather. 

xo - margaret

Boss Lady

September 25, 2018

You know those days when you feel so incredibly overwhelmed with everything that you need to get done? I mean the to do list is so long that you literally are afraid to look at it and may or may not be having minor panic attack symptoms when tyring to figure out how you are going to get it all done?

Welp...I sure to goodness hope so because that's about where I am today and it would be great to know that it's not just me being an underachiever over here. 

And while we are on some real life topics let me just tell you what my MO has been the last few days regarding said to-do list.



As in, this isn't actually happening and we are not leaving the country for almost a month, that I am not preparing our house to be rented out to multiple groups of people, that I am not trying to figure out what to pack for 4 different countries, that we don't have 3 pets to arrange accommodations for and that I am also not still trying to work full time and teach 9 more spin classes before we leave. Oh...and throw a going away party, meet friends for drinks, have family over for dinner AND I dont' know...sleep?!

I think I might die.

And I don't even want to hear you all with your #firstworldproblems - yes I know they are not "real" problems but to me, in this particular moment in time and place they most certainly are. 

Now, as for the resolution. There are two things I need...the first is to just get off my ass and start doing the things on my list intead of avoiding them...and the second is to do so while wearing a boss lady blazer and moose shoes. Because what else would you wear to tackle a to-do list the length of the Wall of China?!

This is absolutely NOT how I feel right now...but I look like I have my shit together right?!


This is more like it...and what I also plan to look like as soon as the darn to-do list is complete...and I am sitting on a patio, on vacation, in a boss lady bathing suit and sipping rose.

That literally is my motivation. 

Is that bad?!

And with that said...I am off! I am going to start tackling my little first world problem mountain and I expect you all to hold me 110% accountable.

Oh...and I'll take any tips you might have for getting shit done. Or your hourly rate to do it for me ;)

xo - margaret


*All photos by the ever-so-talented Courtney Elizabeth Media.

Brights at the AC

September 21, 2018

This past week really has taken a turn for fall - as in the air is crisp, the breeze is solid and the evenings are down right chilly. 

In fact, I even wore socks to bed last night because my feet were cold <gasp>!

And as much as everyone is complaining about it, I sort of love it. I have been dyyyiinnngggg to wear some of my cozy knits and a few new jackets I swooped up in sales over the summer - which I would have paired with this dress had it of been colder last week when I wore it.

But wasn't and so I thought for everyone who was wishing it was warm that this bright little number and the 90+ degree weather that day would bring back some summer memories. 

And speaking of summer...this past summer another hotel joined us here in the Portland scene. Which, even though it's part of a larger chain, is one of their boutique style offerings...which you know I like.

It's called the AC - and I must say they didn't space much expense in the exterior look or the interior decor - it's absolutely stunning. Especially their bar area with floor to ceiling windows, plenty of space for groups, cozy corners for dates and water views all around. 

In fact, the husband and I enjoyed it so much that we stayed beyond the "one drink" before dinner that we had originally planned on all the way through dinner.

Definitely a spot I have on my radar for a staycation this winter.

And back to some of you may know we are getting ready for a fairly large trip. We'll be gone most of October traveling to Australia, Portugul and Spain where bright colors are going to be rampant given the fact that it's summer(ish) there.

So even though it's feeling like fall, and I love fall clothing, I am going to have to resist committing too much because next week I'll be packing and preparing for multiple weeks in a bit warmer of climates.

I'm also not complaining about that...we've been looking forward to this trip for quite some time now and to say we're excited would be an understatement.

What I am not excited about is my growing to-do list of things to get done before we leave. It's so long that I've actually been waking up at 4am on the daily stressed out about it.

I need an assistant...for real.

And on that note...happy friday kids.

Cheers to the freaking weekend and putting off adult duties until tomorrow.

xo - margaret