May 15, 2018

We are back from vacation and while we were away spring officially sprang into action. As in our yard is like a jungle and all of our flowers and plants double and tripled in size since we left just under two weeks ago. 

The yard was so out of control I am surprised our neighbors have not started protesting.

Okay...maybe it's not that bad, but still, I am blown away (and loving it) by how alive everything has become. 

It really feels like summer is just around the bend - which makes me giddy.

But before summer arrives, I plan on enjoying as many spring afternoons and early evening patio cocktails as possible. It's such a wonderful time when the afternoons are warm and the evenings are crisp - perfect snuggling under the blanket with my boys weather.

Also perfect for bright spring colors (like this top on super sale right now for $20), fresh cut flowers and these adorable denim capris I picked up a J.Crew a few weeks ago. 

They have quickly become a staple and traveled so well with us to California this past week. I see a lot of them in my future...

Can we also chat about these shoes (which btw are on sale right now...)? Is it just  me or do these totally remind you of jelly shoes we all (well those of us over 30) had as kids?! Man did I love those. So when I saw these I was immediately drawn to them and snagged them in both gold and brown.

Thankfully they are a leather blend so a bit more classy than jellies...but same overall look and super comfy level.

Cheers to spring weather, patio cocktails and fresh cuts.

xo - margaret


May 10, 2018

One little known fact about me is that while I love being in the city or on the beach I also love spending time in the mountains. Now, let me be clear that by mountains I do not mean camping or roughing it...I simply mean, being in a place where I can see them and enjoy them. 

Preferably from a nice running trail, sun filled patio or my personal favorite...from a ride in a Jeep with the top down.

Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | 5th and Magnolia

In fact...another not well known piece of info is that my very first car was a Jeep Wrangler. 

Since the age of about 8, when my dad got his first Wrangler, it was the only car I wanted. And it was a specific had to be white with a brown soft top and brown cloth interior. And after years of working at local pizza joints and sandwich shops through high school I finally saved enough to get one and it was like a dream come true. That car was like my first child and I honestly wish I would have never traded it in.

So, when I come home to visit my parents one of my favorite things to do is to take my dad's Jeep for a spin. Now, his isn't "perfect" like mine was, but I will tolerate the black soft top and black interior seats for the feeling of top down, music blaring windblown hair and sunkissed skin.

5th and Magnolia | White Cosette Romper | TOBI | OOTD

Speaking of sunkissed skin...can we talk about how cute this romper from Tobi is?

Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | 5th and Magnolia | OOTD

With temperatures in the 80's here in Colorado I could not have packed a better piece for an afternoon spent wandering around the downtown area here, shopping, sipping patio cocktails.

Plus, paired with a long sleeve wrap this romper it transitioned perfectly for a sunset Jeep ride and backyard BBQ dinner.

5th and Magnolia | Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI

5th and Magnolia | TOBI Cosette White Multi Romper

5th and Magnolia | Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | OOTD

Cosette White Multi Romper | TOBI | OOTD | 5th and Magnolia Blog

What was your first car? Do you miss it like I do?

xo - margaret


Romper: Tobi | Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Express (sold out but similar here)

Beach Casual

May 8, 2018

White Tobi Irene Blouse | OOTD | 5th and Magnolia

This past week we spent some time in Laugna Beach, which if you can tell from my face here, made me pretty darn happy. 

We lived in Laguna for a few years and it is honestly one of my most favorite places in the country, and although it's become more and more popular over the years, there is still a sleepy beachtown feel to it that makes my heart happy. 

Tobi Irene Blouse in White | 5th and Magnolia | OOTD

Especially on early weekday mornings when most of the weekend tourists are gone and it's just the locals...and since we were once locals I feel like we fit right in.

Tobi Irene Blouse, White | 5th and Magnolia

On more casual days like this I always reach for cozy cotton or linen layers, like this  blouse from >Tobi, that are loose and can easily be paired with jeans or shorts. It creates a perfectly polished, yet effortless, look that makes me feel like I am right at home no matter where we are traveling. 

5th and Magnolia | Tobi Irene Blouse | OOTD

In fact, this  white blouse was so comfortable that I practically lived in while we were in Laguna; it went with my boyfriend jeans (which you all know I love), was a great swimsuit coverup and was my go-to piece for running out in the morning to grab coffee layerd with a wrap or light scarf.

Tobi Irene Blouse, White | OOTD | 5th and Magnolia

Wandering around the shops in Laguna is something we would always do on random mid-week afternoons, or off seaon on the weekends - so while visiting we had to hit some of my favorite shops and grab breakfast at Zinc which has delicious coffee and the best healthy breakfast options (imo...which you can see below for yourself) on the cutest little patio.

Best part? ZInc is just off the beaten path so many tourists don't even know it's there.

5th and Magnolia | Tobi Irene Blouse, White | OOTD

5th and Magnolia | Tobi Irene Blouse | OOTD | Laguna Beach, CA

Tobi Irene Blouse | 5th and Magnolia | Laguna Beach

What are your go to vacation outfits and activities? I'd love to hear about well as some of your favorite travel destinations!


xo - margaret


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