Mara Jumpsuit

May 30, 2018

You know it's funny; when we travel one of my favorite things to do is spend an afternoon in the town or city we are visiting just wandering around, popping into shops, stopping for coffee or a drink and having zero agenda other than exploring. But when I'm home I rarely do that, which is terrible because we've got a great little city with new places popping up every month. 

So, I decided it was high time (especially before tourist season hits) to spend a little QT in the Old Port to see what was new, stop in at some of my favorites and indulge in an iced latte (and I might have also had a chocolate chip cookie).

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | JCrew Sweater | Anthropologie Clutch | 5th & Magnolia

If you haven't visited Portland, ME it's a must see, and I am not just saying that because I live here. It's honestly a great place to enjoy a long weekend or even entire week with plenty to explore in and outside of the city. Our downtown is divided between some newer areas with more of the traditional "city" feel and the Old Port which houses many of the historic brick buildings, cobblestone streets and Casco Bay views (which is why it's often so busy from June-Sept.).

Like most cities there's a mix of tourist shops, big box stores (like Lululemon, Athleta, Anthropologie & West Elm), cafes, restaurants & bars - but what I love most is that I feel like we've got a pretty high ratio of local boutique stores where you can find everything from homegoods and clothing to pet supplies, cards & stationary as well as pop up shops with local artisans. It's easy to spend an entire afternoon wandering - and I almost always find that something has opened or that one of my old favorites has added something I have never seen before. It's truly like a treasure hunt for me - and definitely something I need to make time for more often. 

Love where you live right?!

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | OOTD | 5th & Magnolia

Speaking of things I love, I could not get enough of this romper - it came with me to Fiji last month where I practically lived in it and I've mixed it in a few times since I returned as well. Honestly, that's the best part of Rent the Runway Unlimited...if you like something you can keep it for as long as you'd like. Absolutely worth the monthly membership.

(and if you wanted to give it a try head on over here for a discount)

Now I have to mention...and to see who's actually paying attention, did you notice my bag change? LOL. I started with a navy tote but switched to a clutch I recently picked up so that I could shift the look more towards dinner. 

That's my 'Where's Waldo' moment for the day;)

ASTR Mara Cream Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia | OOTD

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | Anthropologie Clutch | 5th & Magnolia

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | 5th & Magnolia

ASTR Mara Jumpsuit | JCrew Sweater | 5th & Magnolia | OOTD


This afternoon we're off to check out a new hotel in Kennebunkport for a little staycation - make sure to follow along on Insta for details on that. 

Happy almost weekend. 

xo - margaret



photos courtesy of: Courtney Elizabeth



Color Block

May 29, 2018

I must say, one of my favorite domestic vacation spots is hands down Laguna Beach, CA. Granted...I could be a little biased considering we lived there before we were married so it holds a lot of sentimental value, but, it's seriously one of the most beautiful places in Southern CA. And up until the last 10 years or so it was also sort of a hidden gem. I mean, don't get me wrong there were definitely tourists there, but it was no where near as busy as it has been in the last few years. 

That was one of the best parts about living there - at least 6 months of the year it was pretty much locals only - which made it so easy to fall into a laid back beach bum lifestyle. We'd spend the mornings on the beach with the dog and evenings out on our patio or strolling through town stopping for a bite to eat or ice cream cone. The simple things in life right?!

Mara Hoffman Colorblock Midi Shift | 5th & Magnolia

In fact, we lived there pre-Housewives of Orange County - so for any of you who watch that show (and lets be real here...who doesn't love RHOC?!) many of the places they frequent were either not there or no where near as busy as they are now. Which is why when we travel back we always try to mix a few weeknights into our stay to beat the crowds at our favorite restaurants, rooftop bars and beaches. 

Laguna Beach, CA OOTD | Mara Hoffman Colorblock Midi Shift | 5th & Magnolia

Mara Hoffman Colorblock Midi Shift | 5th & Magnolia OOTD

On our recent trip we stayed at La Casa del Camino, which actually was the first boutique hotel we ever stayed at (and likely the stem of my boutique hotel addiction). It was so long ago that I think we paid less than $100 a night as it was before this hotel was really discovered in my opinion. Since then they've added a rooftop bar (which is ahhhhmazing), full service restaurant, and designer rooms- all of which makes them a popular spot for filming shows and hosting events which means it's no longer $100 a night BUT it's actually still pretty reasonable and totally worth the additional cost. 

The service at the property is on point, and their staff is typically young, beautiful & friendly - every time we stay they make us feel right at home often welcoming us with a bottle of champs and treats (which I love). Their location is towards the end of town, which I actually prefer, because the beaches at this end of town are a little less busy and at night you can sleep with the windows open to the sound of the crashing waves. They also offer complimentary continental breakfast, parking, beach bags, beach chairs & bottled water for your day trips. Plus their concierge will happily suggest great places to eat, things to do and must see itineraries. To say the least...we were not ready to leave at the end of our stay!

Summer OOTD | Mara Hoffman Colorblock Midi Shift | 5th & Magnolia

The weather, in true CA fashion, was absolutely perfect for nearly our entire stay and I was so happy to finally get to wear this color block dress by Mara Hoffman. So much so that I wore it three different times during our stay. Definitely a great piece to travel with that easily transitions day, to night and even as a beach cover up.

Mara Hoffman Colorblock Midi Shift | 5th & Magnolia | La Casa Del Camino, Laguna Beach

OOTD | Mara Hoffman Colorblock Midi Shift | 5th & Magnolia

This little private courtyard was one of my favorite spots during the stay, in the mornings we enjoyed our coffee catching up on work and in the evenings it's perfect for a pre-dinner glass of wine (and photos...obviously).

Mara Hoffman Colorblock Midi Shift | Laguna Beach, CA | La Casa Del Camino

Each time we go back a little part of me asks "why did we leave" - but I have to say, when we return home to Maine I am quickly reminded why we call it home. Which I think is the perfect travel/home balance, (hopefully) you should never be ready to leave vacation but always happy to return home.

And speaking of travel...we've got some fun trips coming up with a little staycation later this week and then next week we're off to Charleston to explore a new city, which I have been dying to visit for years. Make sure to follow along!

xo - margaret



May 22, 2018

Give me a rooftop, some sunshine and a cocktail and that will just about turn any day right side up. 

In fact, as I am sitting here in my office on this gloomy Tuesday I am pretending that I am back in Hollywood at the Hotel Everly and not staring a long list of things to complete by the end of the day.

I know, I know...first world problems.

But seriously, does it get much better than this?!

As one of the newest Kimpton Hotel members, the Everly hosted us for a one night stay as part of their Inner Circle program and I absolutely fell in love. 

As expected the property is stunning (full post about that to come later this week), has a great location overlooking the Hollywood Hills (in could see the Hollywood sign from our room) and my personal favorite - the rooftop pool and bar. 

I could have easily sat up there all afternoon & evening long - which thankfully I iddn't because I would have never made it to spin class the next day ;)

And given that it was SoCal, the weather was of course perfect with sunshine & 80 degree temperatures well into the early evening, making it the perfect opportunity to wear this hot pink romper I've had stashed just waiting for a chance to wear. 

Which, I might add, coincidentally matched perfectly to my nice cold glass of Rose.

And you know what sipping Rose means?


Yes, I am declaring it early, and I don't care.

Cheers to warm, sunny 80 degree days ahead and plenty of Rose to fill your glass.


xo - margaret