Spring Cleaning

April 10, 2016
I may have bit the bullet a little early, considering it's currently 35 degrees outside, but I spent most of the weekend checking tasks off my spring cleaning list and rotating my winter pieces out & spring/summer pieces in while also organizing my closet. All of which I love.
I am one of those sickly organized people who literally cannot close their closet doors if something is out of place, a blessing and a curse I tell you. I organize by color, print, sleeve length and type for my hanging pieces and for folded items am a bit more laid back and just organize by type. It helps me get dressed quickly and to also scan my closet for pieces I have and what I feel I need (relative term I know). Most importantly it makes me feel at ease which is worth it's weight in gold. 
That said, it got me thinking about what I am feeling for spring, and here are some of my must have looks for casual, nights out and work.
Spring Lookbook
Happy Spring!

xo - Margaret




Breezy Vibes

March 22, 2016
I have found that as I get older my style continues to shift towards a mix of comfort, structure and minimalism. I love looks that are easy, but look completely put together like a blazer, button down tucket in or sheath dress. I also lean towards pieces that are flattering, no matter what kind of day I am having, so ones that either have some structure or that are a bit more loose that I can tuck into the front of some cozy boyfriend jeans.
From there I mix in some statement accessories like a bold necklace, bright bangles, trendy bag or shoes and at times a hat or scarf to complete the look and bring it on trend.
That said - here are some pieces I am planning on living in this spring.
Spring & Summer Lusts


As you can see each piece works well together or alone and can easily be mixed in with existing pieces that I have so that I keep the amount of new pieces I need at a manageable level. I will say that I am slightly obsesses with fringe and lace ups right now, I just can't help myself. I am also really being drawn to pastel blues, pinks, blush and nudes - I can't wait to get some color in my skin so that I can more successfully pull them off. Or at least a good spray tan;)

What are your current favorite pieces and styles?

xo - margaret




Beauty Must Haves

March 14, 2016
Most days I am pretty basic with my make-up routine, which consists of some Aveeno lotion mixed with a little concealer, a basic brow job and some mascara. When I have meetings, on the weekends or when we go out I definitely step it up a few notches and here are some of my favorite products for those occasions. 
For my face, I always use Aveeno lotion with SPF and I either mix that with my lancome concealer for a light all over correction or as a stand alone with the dual finish powder on top. To hide under eye circles I use the Clinique fine lines concealer, and if there is any reddness (usually around my nose or on my chin) I cover that up with my Sephora green concealer stick. After my foundations I take a large brush and apply the dual finish powder to finish the look.
Next I move on to my brows, and although I am no expert, I do follow this type of a technique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJcwQ6Ees4E. The products I use are my Lancome pencils (one to outline and the other to help fill), Urban Decay brow kit and Anastasia brow gel. All of which I find really easy to use and a great blend for my light brows and fair skin.
After my brows I apply my bronzer, blush and if we are going out for the evening I also use my Clinique contour and highlight sticks. 
Next up are my eyes, I like to wait and do my eyeshadow and mascara last because the powder, bronzer and blush inevitably will blend over onto my eyelids. I am in love with the Kat Von D. tattoo liner (thanks to my sister for the introduction) and have found that it is by far the easiest liner I have ever used. Again, I am no expert when it comes to liquid liners, but this one even makes me look talented. I am loving the Naked palette by Urban Decay because it has a little bit of everything, which is perfect if you are trying to simplify your routine and amount of products like me. Then I work in my mascara, and again, if it's the evening I go a step further and start with the booster for some added lash volume.
Last, but not least, are my lips. The color I choose is really based on my look, which most days is casual for work so I stick with chapstick or gloss, but when I do want color I like to stick with one of my Nars sticks.
make-up must haves
What's your daily routine like? Do you have some favorite products? I would love to hear more in the comments...I'm always looking for ideas!
xo - margaret