Monat Product Review

May 27, 2018

As you've probably noticed, I have an unruly head of curly hair, something that over time has really come to be a huge part of my identity.

As in, if I didn't have long curly hair I would not feel like myself.

How do I know this you ask?

Well...because twice in my life I cut it all off. Like pixie short all off. And bot times I cried and hated it.

I literally felt naked. 

Which is why I often think to myself...why did you do that twice?! But...lets not focus on the past, that's neither here nor there at this point right?!


Anyway - now that I am a wise adult I know better (and on a serious note...remind me of this should I ever think short hair is a good idea again.)

And I also know the importance of taking care of my hair so that it can stay healthy for as long as possible; which often means using the right products. 

Now, I am not typically a "try new products" kind of gal. I stick to what I know, because I know it works and if it ain't broke don't fix it!

However, I recently tried a new line of products from a company called Monat - and to be honest the only reason I initially tried them is because I saw first hand how much success my little sister had with them. As in since she started using their products her hair was growing like a weed, was shiny & bouncy and looking better than ever. 

That alone was enough proof for me, so I decided to give it a go.

Fast forward 30 days and I too have seen similar results - which says a lot because I certainly was skeptical at first. 

Some of the benefits I have experienced are:

*Less tangles
*Less need for daily washes
Less frizz (which for most ladies I know is a constant battle, especially in the summer)
Softer, more shiny hair
Lighter weight
*More defined curls that clump less

The three products I have been using are the 'Renew Shampoo' 'Deep Conditioner' (which smells ahhhmazing - it's like a peppermint spa in your shower)
and the 'Curl Cream' - all of which I have truly seen the above benefits from.

Monat has a ton of products - so even if the products I've been using don't suit your needs, they've got plenty of others. 

Image result for monat curl cream

Best part is that this weekend they're having a pretty awesome sale where you can join their VIP program for FREE as well as a discounted bonus item.

If you're interested in learning more about their products check them out here - you'll be working directly with my sister Marissa who is a hair guru and can help you find products that fit your exact needs.

Happy Memorial Day shopping!

Hurry - offer ends Monday at midnight!


xo - margaret

Stockings are by far my favorite part of Christmas...I would literally forgo all other gifts for a killer stocking. I love the surprise aspect, all the little goodies, the sweet treats and the feeling of never ending (or at least until the bottom of the stocking) gifts.

Even more though I love stocking stuffer shopping for others - get you going on your stockings this year I've put together some of my personal favorites for her.


Eye Mask | Apron | Gummies Sephora Lip Kit | Tory Burch Gift Set | Pink Drop Earrings | Neutrogena Night Cream | Hello Gorgeous Mug | Thank You Notes | Travel Cream Kit | Anastasia Brow Cream | O.P.I Polish | Watch Band | Wine Twirls | Sheer Blonde Shampoo | Cashmere Plum Candle | Daily Desk Note Pad | Note Cards


Stocking Stuffers for Her 2017









































































If you know me, you know I love throwing parties, and I do mean LOVE.

It's such a fun way to bring our friends and family together all in one place as well as to enjoy our home and backyard. Plus, since we are still fairly new homeowners and party throwers I still get excited about all of the details from the invitations, to the decor, to party games and planning out the menu (with specialty cocktails of course). 

It may seem like overkill to some but one of my favorite parts of party planning is designing the invitations. I feel like it really sets the tone, so it's important to me to get it right! In the past I have always sent out paper invitations, in printed copy on paper that you mail out (old school I know) - but, as of lately I find myself getting more and more busy which means I have less and less time to plan ahead. 

So when the middle of October rolled around and I realized that I had not ordered the invitations for our annual Friendsgiving party I started to panic. There was no way I was going to have time to design, order, receive and send out invitations in time for people to actually be able to save the date and attend. So I started looking into online options, which is when I was reminded of an email I had received a few months back from Paperless Post - talk about a partay saver!

Within minutes I had created an account and was on my way to designing a custom invitation - and by custom I mean the ability to personalize everything detail you could imagine. I was able to choose the envelope color, envelope lining, page background design, invitation design, font and RSVP card - and there were so many options for each all nicely organized by party theme or holiday. Such a breeze! The worst part was trying to narrow down the options because there were so many that fit my style. 

In the end I was thrilled with the result (and absolutely already planning my next invitation design details) - here's a peek at all the details:


Paperless Post online party invitations | Friendsgiving party

In addition to being able to create actual invitation Paperless Post offers additional online tools which I love. You basically get a mircro website where your guests see the invitaiton and all the party details (including a map) as well as interact with you and other guests through a comment wall. Then on the backend you have the ability to see and manage the comment wall, guest RSVPs and even interact with your guests by asking them questions that go along with their invitation for things like food allergies, what to bring, fun icebeaker questions etc. 

And did I mention that it's easy?! Serioulsy, if you don't believe me try it out for yourself! They've got about a bazillion options and many of them are completely free!

Now that the invites are out and the RSVPs are coming in the only thing I have to worry about are the games, menu, cocktails, prepping the house... oh man the list goes on. Too bad Paperless Post doesn't actually do all the rest of the party prep for me! Thankfully I've got a patient husband, mom & sister who "love" to help me with all the rest of the details (or so I tell myself and them).

Do you enjoy hosting parties? If so, what's your favorite? Do you use online invitations? I'd love to get your tips & tricks!


xo - margaret



*This is a sponsored post with Paperless Post. As with all sponsored posts I only write about products & services that I actually have used and enojy!