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Chicago Style

December 10, 2014

I have been so bad about blogging the past few months! I must say that all of the travel knocked the snot right out of me! It's insane how little you can get done when you are on the road, working full time, working out and trying to squeeze in as much personal time sightseeing (and eating) as possible in each destination. Lets just say that it leaves little time for the extras, which sadly for me is my blog!

Our last leg of our travel diary of the year was to Las Vegas, Chicago & New York. I wish that I could say I snapped photos in all of them but I just didn't - I do have some from Chicago to share with you though! We enjoyed 3 days in the windy city - and boy was that statement true! The temperature itself really wasn't that cold...but the wind! Man, did that chill me to the bone.

We still made the most of our time visiting the Bean, Hancock Tower, Willis Tower Sky Deck (which was by far my favorite) plenty of food & shopping exploring and visiting with old college friends who are lucky enough to live in this amazing city. It was a whirlwind 3 days and I loved every minute in this city - it's so alive & vibrant. Definitely could see us living here...


xo - margaret



Lovely photos!

xo - margaret

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